Baby Baby!

I was in my element in this funky Auckland Thai/Vietnamese Asian-fusion eatery/cocktail bar in Ponsonby- Mekong Baby. The décor is amazing and is different depending on what nook and cranny you sit in. If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, they have the Opium Den (ok!), the S &M room (ok- no wait I think that says Ms. M’s room!) and the Mekong Room. The food and service here above all that is outstanding.The focus is on sharing, having fun and tasting lots of different dishes as we so did. Tim, our lovely waiter, was so patient with us old naggers, while we nattered away having a grand ‘ole catchup as girls do. I think he squeezed in our wine and mineral water order before attempting to get us to finally stop and shut the hell up for a minute to decide, order and then let us get back to our nattering. When you’re faced though with such a tempting wine list and food menu where you want to eat everything, it becomes difficult. Girlfriend A suddenly announces she’s allergic to pork. WTP? I had my eye on the braised pork belly darn it which sounded so good. Never mind, just an excuse to come back right?!

The menu is split into Small Beginnings, Bit on the Side, Little Bigger, Salad & Greens, and Happy Endings (I kid you not!). They also have daily specials, rely on seasonal, fresh produce and cater for the vegos, glutards and no seafood freaks. My kind of place. We finally settled on a special green papaya salad, grilled wagyu with lemongrass, roast duck massaman curry and the slow-cooked lamb shoulder. We loved all of these amazing dishes and the duck curry was our fave. Although we did think the salad, as delicious as it sounded, was a little yeah-nah. You could come back here at least five to six times to make a good dent in their fabulous menu.  I think next visit I’d like to try duck larb, steamed kai lan, Asian greens, goat curry, pork curry and sticky pork salad, sashimi, squid,  hot wings, lamb ribs to name a few and surely squeeze in an apple and walnut tart with miso butterscotch icecream or the GF chocolate hazelnut mousse cake. They also have dessert wine to match. Are you tasting these right now?

They’re open Tuesday to Sunday noon to late so at least you could do lunch or early dinner if time is an issue.

Go get ’em baby!

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