Spice up your life!

A lovely ex Welly friend living in Auckland advised me to try this place. However of course you know me, my foodie hit list is as long as my arm so it wasn’t at the top of it. Yet we did end up here due to being rejected by five other restaurants on a Saturday night- ugh.  Not for bad behaviour but they were all full or couldn’t accommodate us until 830pm. Ahem. We are Nanas and healthy so we eat early. Initially we were also turned away here so Burger Burger was looking promising. But girlfriend suggested to the snooty maitre’d that how about us sitting at the bar. I’m not sure why he didn’t offer this to start with but geez it was just perfect.We got looked after by a lovely Australian bartender who got us our drinks first and then talked us through the menu recommending some favourites. We went with the flow and ordered a variety of sharing plates. Foodies, this is not your typical Indian restaurant. This is Indian cuisine with an amazing twist of gorgeous spices and flavours.

Our first starter of pani puri, potato, chickpea and mint was like a liqueur shot. We were advised to ‘down it in one go’. Girlfriends did just that. I was a little hesitant but OMG the flavours were sensational and the spices lingered. The staff got just as excited to see our reaction. This is a MUST. The next starter we had was a chicken tikka roll with cashew and chilli. It was like a slider and was nice but not wow.  They had three other vege starters which sounded super healthy but we skipped these and moved forward. The next decisions were tough as they had crab, tandoori fish, beef short rib, lamb chops, quail and clams. We settled on the yellowfin tuna with cucumber, black garlic, sorrel and it was lovely and fresh with divine flavours.

To follow; our paneer and potato with korma sauce was absolutely delicious and did surprise me as it didn’t really grab me. We actually had to toss a coin to decide on the pork or the lamb. Yah luck being on my side, I got the lamb shoulder curry which came recommended anyway. It was so tender, creamy and delicious. We were going to place a bet on who was going to eat the gigantic red chilli on top but were wise and left it alone. The pork, apple and ginger will definitely have to be a go-er for next visit.While I did a loo and snap stop, the girls snuck in an order of garlic naan, plain naan (which tasted the same) and rice, knowing I’d probably say no thanks. It’s not a side I’d ever order as you know but I had to have a little of each.

We had some lovely wine and they had the most amazing cocktail list as well as a fully stocked bar with you name it, they’ve got it. We skipped dessert although we are told they are not to be missed but I had my heart set on taking the girls to GIAPO in it’s new premises in Gore St. Next time we will defo fit one in.

Cassia, we loved every moment of our time with you. I may not see you for awhile but highly recommend this as a MUST for anyone in the CBD. Make sure you reserve though just in case.

4 thoughts on “Spice up your life!

  1. lol. I thought the restaurant was called Spice Up Your Life until I read the last paragraph. Yes, Cassia is a very popular restaurant. You are lucky to have got in without a booking! When I was there we had a duck dish that was amazing. Not sure if it’s still on the menu these days though.

  2. Ha I got your attention as the title was intentional! I can tell you are a Spice Girl fan like me 👏🏻😆 I think we would have started chewing on each other’s arms if we didn’t get in. I will definitely return. Thanks for your comment. ❤️

  3. Making me hungry AGAIN! So beautifully described w/ perfect feedback. As always-wish I was close by! Thanks for posting often😉

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