A slice of ‘curry’ heaven!

I’ve suddenly gravitated back to Indian cuisine. I used to make Indian curries from scratch years ago, but one day hubby decided he didn’t like Indian, so strangely I stopped eating it too. However halleluyah, he’s seen the light, after trying a curry in Fiji, and now is ok with it again.   Roll on a trip to India to do a comparison. Anyway I digress. Curry Heaven has just opened up in Bond Street and it’s already a gold mine.I booked a table for the gals and arrived early to take some pics and study the menu. The place was almost empty and within 10 minutes, it literally was full to the brim, mainly with boys doing the Friday curry lunch thing. Hey single ladies, get on down here!! The smells were divine and the service was exceptional. Warm, friendly and efficient, just how it ought to be.

The menu is large, featuring some appetisers such as bhajis, pecoras, samosas, chicken, lamb, fish tikka etc. They have a wide range of breads and a huge list of curries that are chicken, beef, lamb, vegetarian or vegan. There are some dishes marked GF, DF, V so if it satisfies the vegans, it will be a huge draw card for the young ones. They have a few rice dishes and a lovely list of yummy accompaniments e.g raita, mango chutney, mint yoghurt, banana/coconut and green salad. I think these sides really enhance the flavours.

I wanted to try the chicken tikka but instead was swayed by the recommended lamb sabnam curry. It was DF so I asked for it to be GF and it was freakin’ so delicious with yummy tomatoes, onions and peppers. All mains are served with rice and naan. The other gals ordered chicken biryani and butter chicken and were equally impressed.  They even have a kids menu but I did cringe when I saw chicken nuggets!  Really? If you watch Jamie Oliver’s doco on chicken nuggets, believe me you won’t ever touch them again with a barge pole.

The drinks list is substantial and they are BYO, which is a bonus.

The art on the walls is bright and funky and they have authentic music playing which contributes to the ambiance. The toilet ‘loo’ sign is cute and I think is a jeu de mots on vindaloo perhaps?!

Curry Heaven opens 11/30 for a lunch sitting and then re-opens in the evening. I can’t wait to return and eat my way through the menu.

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