Under the vine leaves

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I’m making good use of my entertainment card and recently returned for a Sunday brunch to Hopgarden in Mt Victoria. Nestled on the city fringe, this light, airy, garden-patio bar adorned with grapevines is a hidden gem. It’s elegant and relaxing.Prior to this visit, last year we attended some birthday drinks and tapas to check out the new, glass-covered rooftop bar. It’s fun and secluded but not entirely from a chilly Wellington wind, and they don’t have any Nana blankies. The food was good and we had a selection of breads, olives, dips, chips and they also have squid, edamame, pork belly, chicken and dumplings. They pride themselves on their wide selection of craft beers but they have a fab wine selection as well as other beverages.

As soon as we were seated, from whoah to go, our service was extremely friendly and efficient. We were pleasantly surprised as normally these types of low-key places have staff who have just woken-up, and are more inclined to want to catchup on weekend goss than serve the clientele. Not here.

Hubby chose the homemade baked beans with cheese and egg on sourdough and I had the hashstack with pork belly, black pudding and egg (so paleo). Yum, these were so tasty. We finished off with some lovely coffees. They have a great brunch/lunch menu and cater to various dietary needs. Other options were pancakes, smashed avo and feta, eggs with bacon, spinach or salmon or eggs with choice of added sides. A la carte dinner offers the good ‘ole staples of chicken, beef, lamb, fish, ravioli, pork belly. There are three desserts and a cheeseboard with some ports/stickies to follow if you so desire.

Depending on how you’re feeling, or your group needs, you can sit near the bar on the wooden benches under the vine leaves or move into the formal dining room with the leather chairs near the kitchen. Or on a nice day or night, you can simply venture upstairs with your drink to the rooftop bar. This caters to families, friends, special events and corporate lunches and dinners.

This is definitely a friendly spot to hang out in and the locals are lucky to have somewhere they can reach easily with a hop, skip and a jump.

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