Wake me up before you go, go!

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Finally Mr Go’s has been given a second chance and has reopened on Taranaki St, opposite Les Mills. It also had time to make some adjustments to the menu in the interim. Peeps we have authentic, Asian hawker food right on our doorstep.Its bright, pink and green design with neon signs is funky and modern. They have a nice mix of areas to eat; up at the bar, on large wooden shared tables or standard tables.

Two girlfriends joined me for lunch and we were like excited schoolgirls trying this new place out. The menu just oozes delishishness. Our Vietnamese chicken salad was divine and so fresh with the most awesome flavours and spicy kick to it. My fave was the beef satay; and probably the best beef satay I’ve had anywhere. My ultimate fave though was the spicy, deep-fried cauli. I think I will try to recreate that dish at home. The popcorn chicken with basil mayo was yummy and the char siu pork dish was melt in your mouth-material.

Service was friendly but disappointingly slow as they were short-staffed. We did have to hail a waitress over to order advising her that we had a short timeframe. We then had to holler again as two of our dishes failed to arrive. She was very apologetic and removed one item off the bill, which was a nice, unexpected gesture. Why on earth on a Friday lunchtime though, when your food is sooo good, would you ever think that you weren’t going to be busy?

I did return for dinner with a friend last night. I got to try the garlic spinach which was heavenly and we both ordered a pork belly and a tofu wheat-free gua bau in lettuce cups. These were delicious but funnily enough we had food envy when we saw the traditional bun as it looked so good. The popcorn chicken was delish and girlfriend had the kimchi dumplings which she found a little bland but the presentation was stunning. I had the duck san choy bau and it was lovely however a tad sweet.

Service was fantastic. They’re not open Sunday so I’ll need to bring hubby here for dinner instead.

Hey anyone can certainly wake me up before you go go to Mr Go’s.  Boomchakaguabau!



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