Convoy to Tomboy!

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Hey rubber duckie get your ears on, as it looks like we’ve found us a Tomboy. Tomboy! The cutest, quaintest eatery in town, tucked into Marjoribanks St, in the hip hood of Mt Victoria in Wellington.Tomboy started out specialising in the baking the most delicious, prettiest looking cakes ever but they now have expanded into a café with catering and dinner takeouts on the side. They open Tuesday to Saturday 730am to 2pm. You can order a beautifully presented charcuterie, cheese or vege platter for any function that caters up to 20 peeps. Also Russell can hustle and rustle you up a generous two course dinner, which you pre-order online and pickup between 430pm to 730pm. And most of all, they easily cater to all your DF, GF, and nut-free needs. You also can order a bespoke cake online. My favourite is the Tomboy black. A creative cake with dark chocolate ganache, that can be tailored to send a clear message to someone, no matter how rude. Be warned though, no arsenic involved, only wholesome, fresh ingredients.

I popped in for a client meeting arriving early of course, to do a quick photo shoot. It was full of a variety of different peeps all happy to share the big table but keeping their meetings/conversations to themselves. I got to meet the drop-dead gorgeous owner Kate, who could also turn her hand to modelling. Tomboy no longer. She said the name also related to her son.

Anyhoo the cabinet was laden with all types of goodies. The GF rocky road looked awesome however we chose a cinnamon scroll brioche and fruit, coconut custard one, along with a flat white and orange juice. I didn’t need a second coffee, so I politely asked if they did a turmeric or matcha latte. The barista not batting an eyelid said could whip me up a beetroot latte. What? Get outta here. I’d been so wanting to try one for ages, but I have never seen them feature anywhere. It was made with frozen beetroot powder, almond milk, coconut sugar and cardamom and was absolutely delicious. I left on cloud nine and am checking my diary to see when I can next visit, as I have withdrawal symptoms already.

Kate is a master in this business and has the whole package. Not only does she serve the most amazing food in a stunning fitout, she has employed the most amazing staff who are equally as friendly and hospitable. They have that personal touch and they know their regulars by name. Cheers. As a blogger, this really impresses me. Places may have a funky fitout or great food but if their service is shite, I don’t publicly bag them, I just don’t put pen to paper. They also underestimate the power of social media. Not Tomboy.

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