Vamos a la playa!

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I was so excited to learn that the Beach House & Kiosk, a former cringeworthy café, not far from my Brooklyn hood, had been kissed by a frog and turned into a Princess. All credit of course goes to ex Elements café owners Scott and Nicola Barrett. These guys have a great rep and they’ve struck gold yet again.

This coastal part of Welly is my ultimate favourite as it’s so rugged and beautiful. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, as the view is always appreciated. Here you can drink in the view seated outside on the turquoise benches, or  can still absorb the magic from being seated indoors. The décor inside is lovely, vibrant and fresh with beautiful light features which create a nice soft, cosy touch.

It was busy on our Sunday brunch visit and we were fortunately first on the waiting list. We were fine chatting to friends outside and got our table within 10 minutes. The wait for food though was about 40 minutes, so be warned. Maybe try to go off-peak for now until the hype dies down.

The menu was very appealing. I could have chosen many dishes or built my own brekkie from sides, but instead my friend and I chose the Breakfast Burger served with Andouille sausage, bacon, tomato chutney,  fried egg, aioli, caramelised onion, rocket and halloumi. Of course I asked for mine bunless. This was obviously a new concept to our waitress. Really? But she politely wrote my request down with no excuses. This was ordered with an optional side of duck fat potatoes. Optional? Obligatory I’d say. It was proudly served by Nicola herself and it was to die for. Girlfriend chose the kipper potato cakes with poached eggs, hollandaise and a sprinkling of Japanese seaweed powder. She just loved them. Hubby had the homemade baked beans with pulled pork and chorizo served in a Spanish tapas dish and that got a big thumbs up.

Hubby always leans over to try my dish which I don’t have an issue with but when he leaned over a second time, particularly for more of my duck fat potatoes, enough was enough. He had to order a side dish for the table. They did take some time to arrive but they were amazing. These little babies, unlike mine,, were sprinkled with parmesan and served with a wee dish of mayo. They were hot, crunchy and just superb.

The presentation was fantastic and all dishes were so God damn delicious.  The other things on the menu sounded amazing e.g crepes, toast with jam, and BAE. (Bacon and eggs), which we will try next time.

Our friends ordered a soda and ginger beer but hubby and I declined on drinks today and stuck with water. The coffees looked great and they come with a wee donut (like Hardware Society in Melbourne!).  When paying at the counter, which has tempting cookies and donuts, I spied a can of coconut water on display. Horrified I’d missed seeing this on the menu, I was advised they had some in stock but were still in the process of adding this to the drinks menu. Halleluyah. I told them to get in some Kombucha as well. I got a blank look. You know booch? Good buzz? Good for your gut health. I didn’t dare proceed to ask them for almond milk, matcha or turmeric lattes; maybe one day that will become second nature to cafes in town. At least they had a chai latte on the menu.

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