Fancy some coffee after Polo?

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I have been to Café Polo a few times over the years and they truly provide wonderful food and service in the Miramar burbs. I’ve seen them feature in our Cuisine magazine over the years but didn’t realise they’ve had Australian acclaim. They support local suppliers and provide fresh, organic, free range products.I’ve been for dinner before and a few brunches and all visits have been very satisfying. They’re now open Thursdays for dinner and host functions and do catering. They do darn good coffee and have a fabulous selection of homemade baking on the counter for takeaway. Or if you’re just feeling like a snack to go with your cuppa or cold drink. It’s very tempting.

My recent lunch visit, we chose dishes off the blackboard menu as it was truly timeout from anything with eggs. They are fully licensed and we were suitably impressed with their amazing array of wines and suggest wine matching with the mains. As athletes we’d been for a big walk, so just stuck with water today while we pondered our lunch mains.

Italian hubby chose the gnocchi with beetroot, blue cheese, balsamic walnuts which was lovely and his Italian wife (me) chose the caramelised (not crunchy) pork belly, with green apple slaw with a very spicy Vietnamese dressing. It was wonderful. They also had a soup, truffled mushroom arancini, pan-fried fish or ceviche. Desserts were a pannacotta or a lemon verbena crème brulee.

Servings were on the small side so we perhaps we should have ordered a side dish in hindsight. I got food envy when I saw the burger and fries as it looked more substantial, and I’m sure they could have made mine bunless. We had a takeaway gluten free, dairy free orange almond cookie to share, which was very nice. We were still hungry not long after though darn it.

The décor is basic but works with a bit of local art on the walls. I think it’s a converted house as it feels slightly awkward and disjointed. You can sit in the main area of the café (my fave spot) or in the room to the right, or out the back by the toilet which is my least favourite area, as it loses the ambiance. They also have a few tables outside and on a nice day (without wind), it’s just a magic sunny place to sit.

Every two minutes you hear the barista yell ‘pick up’ which is a bit startling at first, but I guess because the staff are serving in different rooms or in the kitchen at the back, this is his way of letting him know that coffee is up. They jump immediately to deliver hot coffees to the punters so the system works. His arms and the machine were sure getting a good workout today.

Service is very efficient and very friendly. We got there just before noon and boom the place filled up very quickly and many peeps were turned away sadly. No room at the inn so snooze you lose.

It’s namesake was derived from the premises being close to the Miramar Polo Grounds on Para Street where Polo matches were played in the 1800’s. Now they playing a different sport in Wellywood, with the thriving international film industry. Actors and celebs are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by some fantastic eateries here, without having any need to go to the CBD. The foodie world is their oyster and they’ve got the bonus of being  close to the airport. Café Polo is just fabbolicious.


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