Fabulous Food in Petone!

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I’d read and heard good reviews about Comes and Goes, so being competitive as I am,  I wanted to check it out pronto. After a tough Sunday hill walk we arrived bang-on noon. There were people milling outside the door so my empty stomach and heart was in my mouth, as I was concerned there was a queue.  Foodietraveller and her hubby do not wait.  Sadly we were told the wait was 40 mins for a table, however I suggested we’d be happy sitting on the bar stools, so our host obliged. We also had a great view of the busy, open kitchen.We both started with a Kombucha which was served with a wee umbrella. Nice. Tropical. They also have a range of juices, sodas, gourmet teas, coffees including an espresso with coconut milk, chai latte and hot chocolate. Before our meals arrived, my mouth was salivating looking at the meals passing me by. I had to keep stopping the server to ask him what the dishes were and he was more than happy to advise me. The colour and presentation was just stunning with  a beautiful use of edible flowers that make anything look pretty. But wait, our meals were more than just a pretty face.

I chose the truffle oil mushrooms with red wine, balsamic and chorizo on brioche. OMG the flavours were insanely good and it tasted like beef stroganoff. Hubby got a Korean fix of spicy beef Bibimbap, (or you can have with tofu), and he devoured it very fast.

The menu is fantastic; inspired by European-Asian cuisine marked with V’s and GF’s. Paleos can also easily adapt here too as there are many add-ons along with a build your own breakfast. You can have a lovely muesli or sticky rice porridge with fruit or go for something heartier like cassoulet, salmon tartare, bahn-mi, ugly bagel, soba noodle salad and waffles to name a few of their amazing dishes. I already know what my next few orders will be when I return.

The counter cabinet has a lovely display of tempting sweet and savoury goodies, and we chose to take away a salted caramel bronut (donut), and a GF orange cake for dessert. The donut was delicious and the orange cake more-so. It was decorated with edible flowers, strawberry and some white chocolate bark, and drenched in orange syrup. Divine. Like the Europeans, they provide a gorgeous takeaway box the deliciousness doesn’t get spoiled and they can be transported safely.

The décor is stark white with minimal branding but it works. The place was busy, but people moved in and out fast and this was helped along with by fantastic, efficient and friendly servers.

CAG is impressive and unique. It’s so nice to find a place that’s different and so satisfying in many ways. Comes and Goes hits the spot nicely. I hope it stays with us for a long time.

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