A+ for Aro St Cafe

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Sometimes a fantastic café can actually be so close yet so far right?. Sorry Aro Street Café you are just that, but not anymore after my recent visits. You are so quiet and modest and sit nicely on Aro Street, yet you just scream such goodness. Hubby and I have even walked past you often on Sundays, but it’s ok as you are now safely again on my radar. We’re also aware now that you’re open for dinner. Cool beans.The staff here are fantastic and the place seems to have expanded,  You can order something from their stashed cabinet full of amazing goodies or off the menu. We lingered for ages trying to decide, so we ordered coffees first. These were great and their drinks list is as long as your arm, with a huge variety of cold drinks e.g. six barrel soda, juice, kombucha or any hot or iced coffee, and a huge selection of gourmet teas. This was not including their large wine, beer and cider list.

I ordered the chilli scrambled eggs, rocket and bacon which was delish, although it could have had a little more kick. The others loved their poached eggs with lentils and smoked salmon dishes. You can add some amazing sides to your eggs and toast and there is something for everyone, including the vegans and glutards amongst us. I spotted a wee girl having the buttermilk pancake stash which looked amazeballs. We were so tempted also by the frittata, halloumi, pork chop and asparagus dishes amongst other options.

As this was an overdue catchup, we chatted for ages. Our lovely waitress kept checking on us and then offered us a free elderflower drink with mint. It was both refreshing and delicious. She was so proud of their homemade concoction, she was busting to share it with us. How kind. When we left one of the gals couldn’t resist buying her man a sour cherry slice and I tried a slice of panforte and shared with hubby and it was divine.

Aro St Cafe, you deserve a gold star. We can’t wait to try dinner but also eat our way through the rest of your brunch menu.

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