Hola- Machete Coffee and tacos anyone?


No minute do you get up to speed with knowing where the latest hip places to go in Welly, and another handful of them spring up to surprise you. Machete coffee, tacos and shrubs snuck in quietly beside Dumpling’d on Boulcott Street, and what a pleasant surprise this was. I had expected this to be a really snug cafĂ© however it’s completely the opposite; elongated in space, with funky design and furniture it just oozes cool vibes.

I got chatting to Kiwi owner Paul who told me about how this business idea originated. Both he and Guatemalan Cesar, both hospo-trained and passionate about coffee, lived in New York City and Guatemala. They decided to quit the corporate life to return home to Kiwiland to bring Wellingtonians a taste of their magic. And magic it is.

I called in for lunch as I just had to try a gourmet pork belly and a chicken with chimole soft taco, with a side of guacamole. I hoovered them in no time as I was starving. As they are small, I could have eaten another two but chose to try a brew instead.in Winter ( all year round in Welly) they will offer a regional soap ( soup).

My coffee experience was super exciting.  You can order a standard or spiced coffee, or a Guatemalan hot chocolate, but I wanted to have a special brew.  I chose the San Sebastian Guatemalan and it was made on the contraption (featured), which looked like a bong. It was so awesome. It arrived in a lovely hot blue mug and Paul advised me to let it sit for awhile to let the flavours linger, as they change over time (like a perfume). I did just that and added a little milk, and I have to say it’s one of the best cup of ‘filter’ coffees I’ve had in my life. The flavours were intense but delicious.

You can also order a gourmet Noble and Savage tea or sparkling shrub drink or handmade soda. I asked Paul why he sold green shrubs and he explained that Shrubs is a syrup drink that is all the rage in NYC as they use it in cocktails. So he’s having some fun playing with the concept.

These guys also open for breakfast. They serve bircher muesli with yoghurt, smashed avo on toast and French open sandwiches, all using local Wellington products. On the counter they display these deliciously sounding and looking orange-blossom, lavender or cheddar scones, German plum cake, shortbread or cookies. I will sample next visit. 

So as you can see they have an array of different things to eat and drink to tempt your tastebuds and it’s unlike any other place so unique.  Service is very attentive as you may need to spend some time asking questions as they just love educating you.

Get your Mojo on now and head down there. No machetes here, only in Wainuiomata! And no sign of Dr Ropata as he’s not in Guatemala now.


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