Fidels on Cuba!

fabbo-fidels fidels-baking fidels-burrito fidels-outside fidels-outside1 fidels-salmon fidels-secret-doorfidels-table fidels-vegan fidels-out-the-back

Goodness how uncanny that Fidel Castro just recently died and I’ve just revisited his namesake peaceful place in Welly. This actually wasn’t our first choice for the gals regular catchup but the menu across the road just didn’t do it for us, so Fidels it was. It’s a Wellington institution and you just never tire of it as it just rocks all day long morning, lunch and dinner. Well we didn’t experience any aftershocks, and I mean rocks as in knocks it out the ball park everytime. This visit, we sat right out the back. I’ve been here several times but have only sat in the front near the window or in the wee room to the right of the counter or in the covered outside area. Lots of nooks and crannies. Following our waitress, I discovered so many cool pics to take of their cool art. By the bathroom there is a wall covered in art but I noticed it was actually a hidden swing door that led to the staff room.

It was freezing outside but so warm and cosy with the heaters on while we deliberated over what to eat. The menu is huge and they have an all day breakfast menu or lunch menu and dinner. I think we all changed our minds a zillion times. A gal’s prerogative right? I love it when you could eat the entire menu in one sitting, You just don’t want to get food envy. It’s better having too many amazing things on the menu rather than not liking one thing at all I guess. They also cater for the glutards and vegans but not paleos really but those peeps know how to work the menu.

The gals finally chose salmon and a burrito and I had the vegan brekkie (yeah right you say as you know I’m a carnivore but true story my friends!). It had a field mushroom, tomatoes, avocado, spinach and eggs and was fabulous. The chai lattes were also delishimo. You can also buy counter food which is laden with homebaked goodies, if you’re just coming in for a snack and a drink.

Last week I walked past with hubby and I spotted a guy eating fried chicken, waffles and maple syrup. OMG did I think I missed that or probably saw it and chose a healthier option. I’ve got to come back and try that on my treat day. Adios amigos.

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