Wellington shakin’ in a good way!

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So we’ve had the third biggest quake in 100 years in Welly recently yet it ‘s nice to know a nicer type of shaking has taken place in upper Cuba St. Sweet Bakery and Cakery has opened with amazing cakes and design-your-own shakes. Epic. The Mama café is in Karori and I just happened to try ’em out both lately.Both cafes are so beautifully decorated with a fresh palette of gorgeous candy greens and pinks and the attention to detail with flowers and art is very clever and stunning. Cuba St offers shakes and cakes where the Karori one offers teas, coffees, chai lattes, fluffies, hot chocolates or iced coffees/chocolate. I loved both of them but the Karori one won me over with its ambiance and décor. It had a cute local vibe with all types of clientele. I noticed the Karori ladies coming in and picking up cake orders for their kiddies or family birthday celebrations and they seemed to be regulars. They would then stay on for a coffee accompanied by a pistachio and ginger slice, chocolate fudge cake as I observed them while eating my choccie peanut brownie (which I shared with my friend). Divine. My chai latte was equally delicious.

From Cuba St, I popped in on the way to Fidels just to be nosey and couldn’t resist buying a good old fashioned chocolate biscuit slice to share with hubby. Very yummy. I bumped into my Karori friend there who told me about the one in Marsden village.

Prices are very reasonable and service is very good, however they only offer one gluten-free option of a mini cupcakes. I’m so not a fan of cupcakes. Brownies are so easy to make gluten-free or they could do macarons or bliss balls maybe. I actually have moved away from dairy and processed sugar baking anyway so I won’t become a regular here for health reasons. However it is lovely for a wee treat once in a super moon right?. Their daily special customised caramel toffee pop or salted caramel shakes sound and look so good. Sweet as bro’.

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