Sterling job at Sterling Café!

sterling-burgersterling4 sterling1sterlingdonut



I’ve now been to Sterling Woodfire Eatery on the Terrace about four times and have enjoyed each visit. I can’t wait to try lunch and dinner. It’s the sister restaurant to Egmont St Eatery so has a good rep for food and is part of the new funky Park Hotel. The hotel stayers will welcome this with open arms and it will certainly add to their fab stay there for sure.

It’s not overly busy but has a good vibe and is very cosy on a grey Wellington day. I think it’s added a bit of spunk to the Terrace and gives the government and corporate workers a more upmarket place to eat other than your Wishbones and Mojos.

This is a great place for coffee meetings and ‘ve now become a regular although. Unlike my other local Pravda, the staff are a bit blasé and more inclined to want to chat to each other vs being attentive. That grates a little, when my expertise is in sales/service.  However I recently read they are doing some investment into their service so that’s a sigh of relief.

They have a selection of three sweet options you can choose from to go with coffee/tea and my client said her brownie was top notch. Breakfast here was great and my eggs with avocado were delicious. I’ve been back for drinkies and our chips and cheese platter were fantastic. Better still, their foodtruck that was parked up outside Moore Wilsons had these amazing lemon curd donuts to die for and  their venison burger on a brioche bun was super yummy too. I can’t wait to come back for lunch and dinner and try a pizza from their lovely woodfire oven plus many other things on the menu.

I do believe Sterling is here to stay and will survive, despite the bad run it’s predecessors have had. They have done a sterling job.

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