Traditional Vietnamese in Welly

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Thanh Giong Pho definitely has a ‘thang’ going on and a vietnamese one at that! A good acronym for ease of pronunciation could be TGP. Located in Chews Lane, it was a little slow to take off six months ago but is now flying high. The owner and staff are just so delightful, accommodating and passionate about food and service. I swear I have never met an awful Vietnamese person.

I have been here 4 times now and will continue to go back. Their Bahn-mi is very good but could do with a bit more spice. Their beef noodle soup ( pho) is delicious with sublime tangy sweet flavours and the noodles are homemade. Better still the owner listened to me when I asked him if could he do some salads, for those preferring a low carb lunch. Boom!. Along came beef, chicken and duck mango salads with a side of chicken broth. They are substantial in portion at a reasonable price and are delicious. They are chokka with fresh lettuce, herbs and peanuts and a yummy Asian vinegary dressing. With summer on the way, you could try their delicious summer rice paper rolls with different, divine fillings.

I now walk past several times daily checking out this wee gem and I smile as it’s always packed. People come in for takeaway lunch and dinner as well. They are open long hours from 9am to 10pm 7 days a week. Vietnamese pancake for breakfast anyone? Why not! Go check it out, you will love it. Go early before the lunch rush though, so you can secure a table.

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