Best Ugly bagels

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I was delighted to learn that finally Wellington was getting an ugly bagel joint in funky Swan Lane. I visited the outfit in Auckland and just loved my bagel and coffee for breakfast, about 4 years ago. Sadly my tummy or GI levels can’t cope generally with traditional bagels, so I avoid them like the plague. But these are a little more ( dangerously) lighter and crunchier, and seem to be a bit more easily digested.

These little Mammas are punched, rolled, and  baked in a Manuka- smoked woodfire. Al Brown spent a few years in Montreal perfecting the bagel craft and thanks to him, we get to eat his creations. Don’t judge them by their ugly appearance though as beauty is only skin deep right?!

I proposed a lunch date with girlfriend and we were both so excited that we started devouring our ugly babies, before I realised I had forgotten my photography! Get with the programme foodietraveller! So sorry but you get to see only ‘alf of the most popular Classic Yodi; pastrami, habanero mustard, grilled Swiss cheese with a pickle. Girlfriend gambled on the  T.A.B; tomato, avo, basil and lemon olive oil. We could have ordered a second they were so good, but we chose to be good. They are so delish and the spread choices are amazing and locally sourced e.g. Pic’s peanut butter, Te Horoscope raspberry jam, Zany Zeus cream cheese, and Marmite. Marmite? No Vegemite?. Their sweet Banarama bagel sounds heavenly; banana, maple marscapone, chocolate fudge sauce and peanuts for dessert or brekkie!  The other Classic options are yummy sounding too; a mix of avo, bacon and eggs, tuna, salmon. You can also buy packs of naked bagels and dress them accordingly! They offer a range of cold drinks or coffee to accompany your bagel fix.

This is a fun place for a quick, cheap bite and the staff are friendly. You will laugh when your order, as the entire staff repeat it in unison. It somehow reminded me of the tv programme “Cheers”.  Cheers Big Bagel Ears.

Traditional Vietnamese in Welly

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Thanh Giong Pho definitely has a ‘thang’ going on and a vietnamese one at that! A good acronym for ease of pronunciation could be TGP. Located in Chews Lane, it was a little slow to take off six months ago but is now flying high. The owner and staff are just so delightful, accommodating and passionate about food and service. I swear I have never met an awful Vietnamese person. Continue reading

France; Paris to Giverny!

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Choosing which photos to share with you was my biggest dilemma post my 5th trip to Paris. I now endeavour to be like a Parisian when I visit and I have so not yet finished with you Paris yet. Continue reading

France; Uzes to Dijon

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Only 20 minutes walk from town, our Italian-style hotel le Saint Genies in Uzes, was absolutely stunning, apart from the grumpy owner!. It was so nice to relax by the pool before exploring the town late afternoon. We hit an international cycle race en route which was fun as was the fantastic live street music. I did expect a bit more though, as Peta Mathias raved about this town.  Continue reading

France; St Remy to Arles

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I was so excited to add St Remy de Provence into the mix as this village mes amis, is definitely one I could live in. A dream is to live in France for 6 months when I’m rich and famous and I have found it!  I can’t explain why but it was quaint, quiet with gorgeous wee cafes/restaurants, boutiques and it was beautiful and elegant. Even Le Mistral, the dreaded Southern wind didn’t deter me. We weren’t there long but got to meander in the square and cobblestone streets and it was magic. Continue reading

France; Bordeaux to Sarlat

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Taking the TGV from Paris to Bordeaux was easy. Our Quality Bordeaux Centre location was perfect being smack bang in town, but far too dangerous for shopping (not), near the longest pedestrian street in Europe; Rue St Catherine! Funnily enough we struggled to find any French bistros on the street but sniffed out a newly opened Singapore Street Food restaurant. Our lunch was sensational. Continue reading