Shout it from the rooftops!

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Talk about unique. The Arborist Rooftop bar is 7 stories high in adjacent to the Restaurant at the Trinity Hotel.  The elevator ride and wee stair climb is so worth it. It is the most stunning view of Welly and my fave. And you can’t beat Wellington on a good day right?

We took some South Island farmers here in Jan and they loved their beer amongst the couches, bean bags; soaking up the rays and funky vibe. They provide you with sunscreen and hats in summer if you need and they can let you do your own BBQ there at your table.

I have since returned and had lunch here with a friend. There is a breakfast, day and night menu and you will, trust me, want to try everything as it all sounds so delicious. They truly cope with the glutards and vegos among us. Friend and I shared some Southern-fried  hallouni chips and some Parmesan fries with kewpie mayo. He had a fab one burger and I can’t go past buttermilk chicken. Not a green in sight. Not like me but whatever. Geez we were stonkered afterwards but we managed to squeeze in a shot of their lovely Ripe espresso for the road, so we didn’t fall asleep back at our desks!

I will need to return several times I feel to try at least to feel I can make a dent in their menus. Their Turkish or Spanish baked eggs sound divine, as does the fig, walnut brioche with feijoa jam which they name as Hot Cross Bun; Easter treat all year round.  As for their blue cheese, pomegranate, walnut rocket salad and their chocolate avocado mousse. Yummo. Given the price of avos at the mo, they probably don’t want too many requests for those.

The ambiance is so cosy as they have designed it log-cabin style with banquette seating on one side. I always dive for the banquette/booth vs chair as it heightens my dining cum diner experience.

The food and portion size was great and good value for money. Service was very good too and friendly, despite our French waitress having us on her first day. I taught her lots as I ask a lot of questions ( as you know), so she had to keep going to get the answers! We got to converse en Francais a leetle bit too.

Watch out Arborist, I’m a comin’ back to hug your trees and fill my boots.

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