The South of France


We decided to make an unplanned stop in Narbonne as a tribute to Jerry Collins. That’s the beauty of having a rental car! It was a pretty wee town with nice shops, restaurants, church etc. and it was fun watching the barges go through the locks. Plus I scored my pink floral sneakers there, on sale of course.

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France; Toulouse to Carcassonne!

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I always laugh when I hear the name Toulouse, as my French-Canadian tutor used to say “that’s where the All Blacks go to lose!” Hardy ha ha. Ahem that was some time ago. 

Our GPS had the most dire French pronunciation that made us laugh, however it always too us directly to a restaurant address for lunch, as you know that’s a priority for me. Thanks to Rick Stein and luck on our side, we got the last table outside, with no reservation, in the sun, at Au Pere Louis- winebar/restaurant.

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Singapore in 3 days

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Singapore has now been ticked off my bucket list, but will certainly be revisited. en route to Malaysia or Europe. Read on to see what we achieved in 3 days. Continue reading

Shout it from the rooftops!

2016-06-15 12.05.59 2016-06-15 12.06.06 2016-06-15 12.11.04 2016-06-15 12.33.28 2016-06-15 12.34.42

Talk about unique. The Arborist Rooftop bar is 7 stories high in adjacent to the Restaurant at the Trinity Hotel.  The elevator ride and wee stair climb is so worth it. It is the most stunning view of Welly and my fave. And you can’t beat Wellington on a good day right?

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Ain’t that the truth Pravda!

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Pravda translates to ‘the truth’ and is one of Wellington’s iconic institutions. It was part of Simon Gault’s restaurant group however is no longer, yet the high standards have been sustained. I come here at least weekly or twice-weekly for client meetings and I never tire of it. The staff know me and take good care of me, especially Glen. When you’re welcomed so warmly, why would you go anywhere else. I always bump into someone I know there too which adds to the experience.

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