Let’s get Dumpling’d

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The long wait for this funky new dumpling joint (sister to the one on the Terrace) to open on Boulcott St, is over. The anticipation and hype they created on social media has paid off. Dumpling’d number two people has arrived!

I do like to keep head of the foodie pack, so I was making darn sure I got to this place pronto on opening day with my 2 office neighbours trailing behind me. Funnily enough my hygeniest had recommended this to me on the Terrace, over a year ago, but I’m glad I saved myself for this location.  I’m a dumpling fan, however my tummy and my healthy regime no longer is, so a treat once or twice a year works well. Boy was I in for a treat today and we got there bang on at noon to avoid the queue. Boom.

You can choose from a serving of 8 for $7 (bargain) for a mix of beef, pork, chicken or vege dumplings, either panfried (yum) or steamed (yawn). Or you can opt to go upmarket to include seafood ones for a little extra dosh and choose 12 if you can handle that. Authentic chilli sauce,  Chinese vinegar and soy sauce sit on their counter or on their bench tables. They come in this cool cardboard box with cooking instructions (if frozen), plus the marketing on the box is fantastic. Drink offerings appear to only be fizzy related (ugh). Kombucha or a matcha tea/latte would be welcoming.

I got so rapt up in the whole excitement of the vibe that I didn’t realise there was a separate menu by the counter offering sides of edamame, seasonal vegetables or rice (rice really- a bit carb overload don’t ya think?) . These weren’t offered at the time of ordering darn it.  Anyhoo I got to try Matt’s edamame, as he was more observant than me. They were good. As for the dumplings, they were sensational. We were in heaven.  My biggest buzz is the lingering taste and sting of chilli in my mouth that I take back to work. 

The decor is chic Scandi design with an open kitchen and about 5-6 cooking staff. Behind them are truckloads of frozen dumplings waiting for you to say “Pick me”. You eat-in at one of the 4-5 large benchtables with stools or there are a few smaller tables at the front.

Service is fast with no mucking around. Your receipt is numbered, which they yell out (sometimes several times) until you collect your feast and this noise just adds to the ambiance.

Of course I had to get some for my darling, as he couldn’t miss out could he now? He ate his for breakfast. I had to laugh at how many times he said “Yum” while eating them. He ate his naked; without soy or chilli that is!

Done. Dusted. Dumpling’d.


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