WTF: What the foodtruck?!

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Wellington is so spoiled with its frenzy of foodtrucks popping up everywhere. No sooner do I turn my back and boom a new one arrives in my midst. Outside Moore Wilson Fresh, two foodie trucksters get to showcase their wares on a rotational basis. There is also the permanent Chookwagon located upstairs in the carpark. Since visiting, Meatballers and EatStreet replaced Fat PoBoys and the French Crepe foodtruck. And this week The Greek FoodTruck has joined the food pod party. Plus The Moustache Milk & Cookie Foodtruck in Marion St has just hit Welly, temporarily from Auckland. Fancy a freshly baked bacon choc chip cookie with your gourmet shake or coffee? Apparently us Wellingtonians are more adventurous than the Jaffas, so go on and be a devil!

We tried the most amazing po boy from Fat Poboys. The pulled pork and the Cubano were both equally fandamtastic. It’s a taste of good ‘ole Southern soul food from New Orleans (or rather, Nawlins!). Such a treat. They are now located at the Newtown market on Saturdays and the Cuba St night market. To die for.

Thanks to my lovely friend Duncan, he told me about a Paleo foodtruck called Elemental Eats. They are generally located at Mana and do deliveries, and they alternate their weekly visits into the big smoke. If you follow them on facebook, they’re very good at keeping you up-to-date of their Friday stops; either at Centreport or outside the American or British Embassy. Go figure and good for your figure. This is healthy and delicious foodtruck tucker.

I chose the pork shoulder with crackling and slaw tortilla but no sign of a tortilla? I expected a buckwheat or tapioca tortilla version. So I’ll personally rename it as a pulled pork cracking salad. Boy was it divine. They also do teriyaki chicken, pulled chicken, and vege pad thai. I’m told their kumera crusted pies are good too; pork and watercress, Mexican chicken or a vegetarian pumpkin and mushroom kale. They also sell roast veges, slaw salads, bliss balls and slices. I did make a special trip for this lunch but it was worth it. Next time I will pickup Duncan, cause Duncan’s me (paleo) mate. I hope they get a spot nearer town, so more peeps can experience their food. Well more peeps like me and Duncan I mean.

Origins, located at East Day Spa in Welly is another healthy mother food trucker that’s rolled into town too, so I’ve got to squeeze in a lunch stop there!

BTW, if you happen to be in Palmy on a Thursday, foodtrucks are the big rage now at their food market. You’ll be proud to see some of our Welly ones up there.

Wellington on a Plate (WOAP), is gearing up in August so we’ll be more spoilt for choice with another array of sensational food oozing from these foodtruck folk. Nothing to scoff at by any means.

Finally make sure you search and read my older post: My Big Fat Greek Foodtruck. It was my biggest read blog post in 2015 by my Kiwi and International followers. WTF; Foodtrucks are so trending right now.


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