Musin’ at The Muse!

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As I am located above the Muse Eatery and Bar, formerly known as the 3c bar, I  have no excuse to now not have this as my  local. This is the creation of the former Muse on Allen., which always had a great rep. 

On opening day, I popped in for a mojito and it was pretty bad, so I just put it down to teething problems. Now armed with the entertainment card, I tried my luck again with my BFF Adie, last Thursday, and things are definitely on the up.

Muse advertise their M-F $15 daily lunch special on blackboards, strategically well-placed on Chews Lane and Victoria St. They always sound so enticing. Their main menu is large with a mix of snacks e.g. olives, nuts, triple cooked chips, short beef ribs, buttermilk chicken, cheese selection and a charcuterie sharing platter. There is a raw section e.g. oysters,  sashimi, steak tartare or small plates e.g. pate, squid, or arancini.  Or you can opt for a pasta, soup or a salad or the daily special. So you now see that you need some time to peruse!

I’d been drooling over the free-range pork schnitzel with crispy potato, caper butter, creme fraiche and lemon for weeks now and yet to my horror my Italian (Spanish/French sounding) waitress, advised me that this was the Friday special.  WHAAAT? Can we pretend it’s Friday please? As a ploy, I offered to marry the chef (without even meeting him), and very promptly, he delivered our little baby, without fuss or ceremony. BFF chose the Thursday spesh; prime beef burger with a brioche bun and chips, and we went halvies. We just couldn’t stop oohing, aahing and smiling. Foodie heaven.

I popped back this week with boss in tow and was hoping she’d choose the Wed special; prime beef with gnocchi yet she chose sashimi. Darn it. My sneaky plan didn’t work as I was hoping to try it.  Chef was able to do the Tues pork belly with pumpkin puree for me. Did I tell you I love you Mr Muse chef? Thank you again. It was sensational.

I will be back to try the other specials on the right day where possible but I have to try them all.  Plus the buttermilk chicken, arancini, and salads. The chocolate/mango/coconut custard doughnut bun sounds intriguing and you can’t go past banoffie pie right?.

The bar is well stocked and their extensive drinks list offers bubbles, champagne and a wide range of NZ, Aussie and European wines. Or you can be devilish and try a dessert cocktail. They now have Wed to Fri $7 wine glass specials.

Peeps this is 5 star dining establishment with affordable prices and top notch presentation. The service is very efficient and friendly with a European vibe. The decor is nice and all the wait staff are Italian, so practice your Italiano. Go on and let Muse Eatery be your foodie muse!

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