It does matter a horn at Matterhorn!

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Matterhorn, Wellington’s institution hit the press this week, by grabbing international attention from China. Woop! Woop! Hubby and I decided to recently visit this old fave for a Sunday lunch, after our lovely long walk. I never knew Matterhorn was established in 1963. As old as me and still going strong and looking good (like me!).

Given we’re having such a mild winter, it wasn’t a particularly cold day, but we couldn’t resist sitting by the open fire as it created such a warm, cosy, romantic ambience. The outside area was heavily populated by other brunchers.

One glance at the menu, hubby quickly chose the fried chicken with mash and bacon gravy. I was umming and aahing over the eggs benny or the confit duck leg hash. They also had a fab raw section including smoothie bowls, bircher, lassis but I eat these regularly at home. I was tempted by the goats cheese with honey and toasted brioche or sourdough pancake or you can build your own brekkie of eggs, black pudding, thyme roasted mushies, sauteed greens etc. Mmm I just will have to come back.

I finally chose the duck. It was served with a fried duck egg and an apple and pomegranate salad. I didn’t see any pomegranate though so maybe it was juice or molasses in the dressing? Although I did prefer my dish to hubby’s, as thought his chicken was quite bland.

They serve my fave Flight coffee and they also offer a soft brew hot or cold, or even an affogato with buffalo milk.  Shut the front door!

Desserts were a mix of cakes, cookies, stone fruit frangipane tart, lemon custard with gin-spiced blueberry or chocolate tart with salt icecream. Being an athlete (and conscious that bikini time is forthcoming again), I chose a long black which was delicious and served with a wee shortbread.

Service was fantastic. We got chatting to one of the wait staff trying to guess her accent. We thought Russian, Croatian, German and she was actually Italian who had learned English in Australia. Go figure. We spoke Italianinglese and she happened to come from the very near to where both sets of our family are from in the North. Goodness I thought Welly had a big French community working in hospo but I’m coming across more and more Italians. Merveilloso.

Ciao a presto Matterhorn.

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