Denarau, Fiji revisited!

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Bula! I always return frequently to Denarau so I’ll share some of my top eating/travel tips with you.

Always ensure you book breakfast in your room rate, so you have a good start to the day and make sure you take snacks from home and declare them. Check out buying Accor and other discount cards in advance also, as you can use them at the resort restaurants, to save lots of hard-earned denaros.

Make sure you venture out and check out all the resorts. You can use their facilities, but of course be discreet and respectful. The Wyndam has the largest pool in the Pacific. The Sofitel has an adults only pool area and an outdoor gym. The Radisson has stunning pools. If you stay at the Sheraton or Villas, you are able to eat breakfast there or the Westin. The Westin breakfast rocks as it has a juicer and also bubbles if you want to start your holiday mornings like that! It’s way less noisy and more classy. You can also use the Westin gym and their lap pool.

I always buy at least one or two bikinis. I find the Westin shops and Prouds Duty-free at the Sheraton have the best range and they are not expensive! Believe me I know every shop possible on this island.

Walk  to the Port (15 minutes) or jump on the Bula Bus, as they have fab restaurants at the marina, along with shops and entertainment. If you’ve never been to a Fijian island, check out day trips that leave from there. You must take at least a day trip to an island, and/or finish your holiday on one, so you get a mix of the Fiji culture.

Opposite the port entrance on the right, there is the newly opened Cafe O (see previous post)which is just fantastic or just up from there is the Rhum-ba.  My jerk chicken was divine as was hubby’s pork belly and our friend’s enjoyed their steak and pastas. It’s a classy sports bar with indoor/alfresco dining, with a lovely view of the marina. Service is friendly but slow; Island time.

At the port, you have the famous Cardos if you want to party ; they have the perfect location and provide free entertainment. Their menu is budget up to standard Fijian prices. You can eat tuna, mahi-mahi, salads, pizzas etc. They used to do amazing stir-frys but this is now catered for in their Chinese restaurant located upstairs, which hubby tells me is good .

Lulabar is fun and food is good and opposite is the Hard Rock Cafe, which no doubt is similar to all the others in the world. My fave  is Indigo. This is my third visit and their menu is gi-normous and reasonable.  My chicken tikka punjabi was to die for and the others loved their saagh gosht, tikka masala and naan bread. Hubby chose Szechuan chicken and found it a tad spicy, so I got to finish it and found it delish. The food here is outstanding and so authentic and their range of vegetarian and gluten-free options is admirable. I want to try the Fiji Goat Curry and their signature dish dalcha of lamb, next time.

Back at the resorts, if you are going to splash out, Ports of Call for fine dining at the Sheraton is sensational. Mamacita at the Wyndam is fabulous and also is Salt at the Sofitel and the Flying Fish at the Radisson. There is a French cafe upstairs at the Sofitel which is ok, but my ultimate fave for years for lunch will always be Epicier at the Hilton. I love their salads, coffees, French pastries and service is good. You also can’t go past Bulaccino at the Sheraton for a good coffee, cake or fresh coconut and they are also open for dinner. You can get a good lunch or dinner pub meal at the Sheraton golf club.

For the adventurous, I would recommend jumping on a yellow local bus ($1 Fijian) and go into Nadi for a few hours. Prouds Duty free is nice, with a good cafe and the fruit and vege market is really interesting. You can also go check out some really nice cafes in Martindar (about 10 minutes by bus from Nadi), and there are buses that go back to Denarau. You just have to get off and switch. Ask as it’s fun and so easy. In Martindar you must visit Cafe O at Eden Plaza (by the famous Bounty bar ),  or Taste Fiji Kitchen at Naumaka, or Bulaccino (similar to the one at the Sheraton). These places are so under-rated but excellent and would do with your support. You also have Daikoku (Japanese) and Maharaj or Sitar (Indian) which I’ve been to in the past.  The food is very very good and not expensive. I’ve yet to try Arirang (Korean) which has a good name also.

So my friends, you can see you have such a wide variety of options here so you just can’t go wrong eating wise, and you will just have the most fantastic stay.

Duty-free on departure is one of the cheapest in the world and make room for a bottle of Rum from Fiji Rum Co. We love the coconut or white chocolate. Warm some in a shot glass at home to enhance the flavours, and sip and enjoy it naked. The rum naked that is, not you, but do as you please 😆 Vinaka.

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