Amazing cocktail bar!

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It was so exciting to take my besties to Hanging Ditch for a pre-dinner cocktail before our mini reunion. This place is in the funky Leeds Quarter next to Goldings Free Dive and opposite the WCF (Wellington Chocolate Factory). 

The fit-out is sensational and has such a cool vibe. There is a hanging wall garden (with cocktail to match) with dangling bottles above the bar and lots of tables/booth seats. It’s very  Library bar, blues-bar-ish. It’s dark with fab mood lighting, but certainly not dingy. The music was uber cool also.

I decided to have a regressive dinner; i.e. starting with dessert followed by my main.  Being a muso, I certainly wasn’t going to miss the boat on trying their signature cocktail called Earth Wind and Peanut Butter Fire. And the Earth did move for me Nancy! It was scrumptious. Their cocktail list is impressive and they also offer some Garage Project and other craft beer. Plus they have some yummy bar snacks such as chicken/cognac pate, popcorn shrimp, salami toastie.

I keep saying that finding great cocktails in Welly is a wee challenge yet they hit the spot nicely, as do Vietnamese Grill Bar, Library Bar, Dragonfly, Hawthorne lounge, Motel and Hummingbird.

This is a great place to bring out-of-towners as it’s sure to impress. It’s way more sophisticated being hidden off the main drag. I couldn’t think of a cooler place to hang in the ditch with my beatches!

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