Wham Bam Thank You Nam!

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I’m slowly working myself through Nam-D’s menu. They do have a foodtruck in Tory St however my fave location is in Chunder Lane. Oops I mean Cable Car Lane, beside the new Countdown. Don’t be fooled. This hole in the wall packs a lot of punch and makes up for its weight in flavour, than space. It’s clean and vibrant and has an ever-changing menu.

This is authentic Vietnamese street food at its best. I do have to admit reluctantly they serve the best bahn-mi in town. The traditional pork and pate French baguette sammy (bahn-mi) is fresh, crunchy, doughy with the perfect filling and mix of tangy-sweet aided by a swift kick of chilli. Their chicken salad is delicious also and portions and prices are fantastic (however Mrs Ngon cafe does slightly better salads!). I’ve yet to try their pho and heard their steam bao are delicious also. I will eat myself through their menu on sporadic Friday treat days.

The staff here are all female, lovely and friendly. They cook and serve with passion. Mind you I haven’t really met any Vietnamese person whom is not like that. They’re such an ad for their beautiful country and culture. Nam, damn your food is good!


4 thoughts on “Wham Bam Thank You Nam!

  1. I think I would have tried their pho first but it’s not as good for eating on the run! I’m not too sure about ever changing menus. Specials that change, sure but why mess with a good thing?

  2. Yusssssssssss!!! I do have to admit reluctantly they serve the best bahn-mi in town” – lucky I’m not the type to say “I told you so….” ha ha. So delicious. My fave takeaway lunch venue in Welly!

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