Sensational vietnamese food!

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Vietnamese Saigon Grill Bar is next to Ombra on Cuba St. How super Cuba Dupa! This place was the former Orsini’s and has had a zillion name changes since then. I think this one will stay.

This second visit was a girlie dinner after a fab first visit of a Sunday lunch with hubby and bestie. At lunch we shared some fresh rice rolls, and the beef, pork and crab salads. The pork salad by far was the pick of the litter. The beef salad was yummy however the crab one a little too greasy.  We also got to have a delish, traditional Vietnamese coffee served with condensed milk, for dessert.

Gals dinner was slightly more noisy as you can imagine, when the gaggle of geese got going. The other punters didn’t seem to notice though.i

Firstly we were super impressed with the amazing cocktails. Of late I’ve struggled to find a good cocktail in Welly except for the Hanging Ditch of course (watch for later post). The selection of wines was fab too and good prices. This was a surprise as is not the norm with our other Vietnamese cousin restaurants in Welly.

For the first time I think I can say, bar a few dishes, that I’ve pretty much now sampled the entire menu in two visits. It was all truly divine from the lovely soft pancake to the pork hue bun, pork belly, chicken and green apple salads, and tofu dumplings. The flavours are just so fresh, citrusy and spicy tangy sweet and sour.

These are sharing plates and fairly healthy with lots of raw veges and good portions. This visit I still didn’t get to try the pork ribs which I did have my paleo eye on, so that’s a no brainer for next time.

The service is so friendly, albeit a little slow, so I think they are just in need of one more staff member at night perhaps.

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