She sells sea-shells on the seashore!

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Being able to sit on the balcony of the Seashore Cabaret in Petone on a gorgeous autumnal day was just bliss. Located above the Petone Rowing Club this new cafe belongs to the Maranui cafe family. It’s a gold mine and good fortune for the Petone-ites, Eastbourne-ites, Hutt chicks and Wellywoodians alike.

I needed to bring some besties here before any of my other besties made it to this place, because as you know, it’s always a competition with some of us, to get to a new place first.  But you know what? I got beaten. A few snuck in a visit. Right Jess, Rachel and Kirsty?. Tee hee. Named and Shamed! Teasing.

This was a former dance hall and the fitout is sensational. The neon signs give it that American diner-feel cum ice-cream parlour, candy-store type of place.

They open 7 days from 6am to late at night, so they cater for all and are family-friendly. It’s got such a fun, cool vibe but be warned it’s busy.

The cabinet is laden with sweet and savoury slices along with some quirky individual fortune cookies and kbars in glass jars for sale. What a throwback to old times.

We were told upfront our wait for menu food was 30 minutes yet quicker service was offered if you chose cabinet-food. Coffees took about 20 minutes and these were delicious. This is their own home roast; known as the Good Fortune brand.

The gals had a salmon, cream cheese and capers bagel and a toasted halloumi bagel. Despite being tasty, the bagels were unfortunately burnt. My scrambled eggs with a toast substitute (at no charge- thank you) of buttery spinach, was delish.

The menu was funky and brightly coloured but didn’t really grab me as I didn’t see any GF or DF options, however I will return with hubby and I’m sure I could adapt a different brekkie from the list of sides or try the trucker’s brekkie. I’d actually call it an athlete’s brekkie; steak, eggs and chips. Yummo.

This could also be a place for a fun girls night. We bumped into other groups of friends so it had a really nice friendly community feel and great support for the place.

I see they’re advertising for more chefs as they need them to keep up with the demand. Hopefully the hoo-ha may die down a little. Yet if we continue to get this amazing Welly weather, that’s not going to be for awhile. Good on ya Seashore Cabaret. On to it!

2 thoughts on “She sells sea-shells on the seashore!

  1. Denise, we’ll visit you again and you can take us on a favorite restaurant tour! We do enjoy your descriptions of the menu and food.

    🍴🍸love, Mom

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