Caffeine fix!

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What an exciting few weeks. My recent discovery on the cafe scene was the Ekor bookshop and cafe. How spesh and quaint is this little place managed by bibliophile Niki Ward! It’s along from Caffe L’affare, and across the road from Moore Wilsons in College St.

Unfortunately my People’s coffee latte was served in a takeaway cup and it was not hot enough for my liking. I’ll know for next time. You can also have tea and other cold drinks and/or a bliss ball, scone or muffin.

I sat and sipped for a bit and soaked up the ambiance. This place is so darling and the decor is stunning. From the outside it is uber Parisian, London, New Yorkish and I didn’t know the owner’s goal was to create a bookshop/cafe similar to one found in London’s Charing Cross Rd. Well she succeeded.

There are gorgeous turquoise chairs outside and the sun happened to be streaming through the windows making it so picturesque. There is a large table at the front and a few at the rear with the barista at the open counter. You will also find a separate children’s play area at the back (eeh gad) however it is beautifully decorated and no doubt perfect for yummy mummy’s and their well behaved children of course. You will find a mix of rare book finds ranging from some for children and some art and history books.

So go and browse, buy, read, eat and drink at your leisure. Such a fab concept.

Now my second new cafe discovery was the Old George cafe in Bowen St, Parliament end of Welly. Their premium blend of coffee was founded by two coffee fanatics and they serve it in the most gorgeous orange cups. My latte was superbe and I overheard someone ordering one with almond milk. They also sell tea and other cold drinks and have a lovely array of cabinet food. I will come back to check that out more in depth.

There are a few tables inside and outside serving a mix of clientele. You can buy your coffee directly from the roastery/shop itself or online and they also sell at various cafe/restaurants around Welly e.g. Taste Khandallah,  WBC, Salvation Coffee plus Peak Espresso in Queenstown.

Finally the piece de resistance. Being utterly spoilt, my bff organised to have me delivered gratis, a bag of the most stunning smelling and tasting fairtrade, green, organic Far East coffee beans from Gisborne. No wonder she was raving about it. You could taste the paradise.

A couple of coffee afficionados who want to give back to the local economy, decided to do just that and wake up and smell the coffee. They combined their passion for loving life and coffee to produce this little baby. They sell online for home or office use, supply local cafes and also run a coffee cart at the Gisborne Farmers Market. You gotta order some as this is sooo good.

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