Grand of the Century

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Hubby and I got invited to Grand Century in Tory St for a Chinese New Year celebratory dinner with our adopted whanau. This was our first visit for dinner as we’ve eaten here several times for a yum-cha lunch.

I must say we were suitably impressed with the array of fabulous different dishes that were delivered promptly in front of us. And for the first time ever, I had no control over the food ordering and I was ok with this (only this time though) as the menu had about 100+ different dishes. I would have been there all night however the ordering was managed expertly by two capable Mums. Being the athlete though, I did notice they’d omitted to order any greens, so my wish became my desire.

Out of the group of 15, I was so excited as I got the Chinese broccoli all to myself as no-one else seemed interested. Trust me, the Chinese do know how to make a simple plate of greens so deliciously tasty, and they still held their green colour and crunch.

Portions were great here and we all got to sample a little of everything. I tried a little bit of the Chinese herbed pizza bread which was like pita bread and good, followed by the deep-fried, garlic, king prawns. The pork dim sums and steamed prawn dumplings were delish. I flagged the steamed BBQ pork buns as they just don’t appeal but relished the lemon chicken and vege dish and the beef and orange.

We ordered the good ‘ole banana split dessert for the kids and a few of  the adults ordered the deep-fried icecream; it looked good but no thanks.  Out of curiosity the chef orderer got us a plate of the durian pastries. These are known for their awful smell but it wasn’t as pungent as we’d imagined. I thought they weren’t too bad but the others were not in accordance.

The owner then kindly brought us some red bean paste cakes to help us also celebrate our friend’s birthday. They got the thumbs up from most but got the big thumbs down from me as I could just taste the heaviness without tasting them.

We had a mix of jasmine tea and red wine and really enjoyed our evening. We got a really good selection of various dishes and I’d definitely come back for dinner as would be really keen to try the pork belly.

Service is efficient and just what you expect from a Chinese restaurant; no more, no less.

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