Yavole Munchen

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I wasn’t sure what to expect, however I was pleasantly surprised with the makeover of the old Chicago Bar; where I used to perform. What a fab job they’ve done. You wouldn’t recognise it now as it’s transformed dramatically into Munchen; a German foodhall/beerhouse.

You know I’m an instant sucker for booth seats so I dived for a spot. It’s a very spacious restaurant with a separate bar and open kitchen. We had reserved a table and yet were strangely seated very closely next to other diners when there were several spare seats? Oh well it was loud enough that we couldn’t hear each other’s conversations and we got to oggle first at what they were eating.

We ordered a nice bottle of Aussie shiraz (in a beerhall?!) as we not really beer drinkers, but there are lots of good beers on tap naturaly.

Bestie warned us that these meals were big so we decided we didn’t need entrees. But of course hubby rebelled and ordered some smoked mussels with pickles and bread. Groan. He did enjoy them though and fortunately I made him park most of the bread.

Now these meals weren’t big, they were humungous. Hubby’s schnitzel with potato salad, pickled red cabbage and pickles was a normalish size but the pork loin, pork knuckle (signature dish) and beef rib were Fred Flinstone material and definitely made for sharing. The meats were smokey, tender and rich and we just loved them with the fermented veges. Fortunately we were able to ask for a doggy bag and our friends allowed us to take theirs. But here’s the thing, we ain’t got no doggy, so this served us well for breakfast the next day. We love our cat but she certainly wasn’t going to get this.

Surprisingly the girls managed to squeeze in an authentic appfelstrudel (applestrudel) with cream. It was a small slice with a nice balance of cinnamon and apple. Not amazing but presentation was great and after a few shared bites, that’s all that was needed. I was keen for the black forest gateau trifle, so will try that next time.

The waitresses are dressed a la German mode. Our waitress was English and quite bossy but we found her service attentive and very amusing. We weren’t sure if this was part of the German act or not but later she seemed to drop the rudeness and turned on the charm.

A group of German dressed lads arrived on a stag do,which added to the ambiance and apparently the groom-to-be was one of Munchen staff.

This is a fun place and reasonably priced if you’re keen on sharing. It’s a great spot for a work lunch or afterwork beersies and good German tukker to soak it all up. Dast is sehr gut. Auf weidersehn.

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