Best Bunless Burger in town!

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Finally I got to experience Ekim burgers with my office neighbours today. It was a glorious sunny Wellington day which added to our visit and we got there just before the rush.

These dudes have been around for about 3.4 yrs now and they started out in Lyall bay before moving to Upper Cuba Street opposite Laundry cafe.

It’s such a funky concept this burger caravan thingie or rather foodtruck they call them now. The burgers are named in honour of the owner’s friends e.g. Alex, Adam, Max. They also now offer burritos so I’ll be defo coming back for one of those babies on my treat day.

This place is so bright and cheery in its decor and service. No frills but it works. You’re surrounded in graffiti art which sets the scene instantly. It’s all outdoor seating which is comfortable and adds to the ambiance. There is one table that has a bit of cover which is much-needed in Wellington. However the weather wouldn’t deter me from coming back as I would just do takeaways living and working so close.

I was overwhelmed with the long list of burgers as of course I wanted to try them all. I chose Honest Rob a la bunless, and I have to say it was the best bunless burger ever. It was a good portion with beautiful fresh, lettuce, tomatoes and gherkins and a side of chunky fries with Ekim’s special sauce hit the spot nicely.

We did have to wait quite some time but boy it was worth it. They yell out your name, you run to the counter and hone in to eat, smack your lips and leave smiling.

The burgers range in price so they suit all budgets and even getting a basic burger, fries and a drink you can still eat affordably. My office neighbours loved me that day of course and they look forward to foodietraveller taking them somewhere new on our next lunch date. No where will that be? Stay tuned.

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