Loungin’ at the Cashmere

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I decided to gather a few Khandallah ladies to lounge with me at the Cashmere Lounge on a gorgeous evening. I reserved a table in advance however that for some reason got lost in translation. Not to worry as I was early, so a table for 6 in the cosy booth seating was fine.

I love what they’ve done to this 90 yr old building located next to the Khandallah railway station. They’ve deliberately left exposed brick and it creates a very funky ambiance. The place is bigger than it looks and has 3 different seating areas. Light streams in through the beautiful stained-glass windows.

The drinks list was extensive and we started off with a fab Aussie red. It was so good some of us had a second.

Their tapas menu is made for sharing however be warned the portions are very small, unlike the prices. We chose to share the duck liver parfait with crostini which was simply divine however really tiny. The Thai salad was amazingly fresh and authentic and our lamb dish equally delicious.  The presentation was indeed sensational.

We were advised that the main meals weren’t much bigger than the starters so that made it a little challenging as the price doubled for those. We got the rundown on the specials on the board and unfortunately we couldn’t understand a word at all from our French waiter. I tried to help and chose to converse in French yet understandably he replied back en Anglais, so that didn’t help. Funny.

They all sounded amazing however the whole flounder, not something I’d normally choose just seemed to (or not) fit the bill (tongue in cheek) nicely. My Italian grandmother used to cook fresh flounder for my Dad and I after we’d gone fishing early for breakfast and this brought back such fond memories for me. I convinced the girls to try it and we all really enjoyed it despite truly only having a mouthful of it each.

As we moved towards the counter to settle up, our mouths slightly dropped open when we noted the flounder special was priced at $44. The other special mains were priced at $30 so we’d assumed that was the same. Nope.

We all don’t mind paying for good food however not if it’s not good value for money. Yes the chef is from Queenstown, however this is Khandallah, not Remuera so perhaps they may reconsider their pricing down the track so they don’t end up on the rails.

I think the consensus was to return only for a drink and the local ladies now want me to organise a night out at another fave restaurant up the road. Shame as this place truly has potential.

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