Loungin’ at the Cashmere

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I decided to gather a few Khandallah ladies to lounge with me at the Cashmere Lounge on a gorgeous evening. I reserved a table in advance however that for some reason got lost in translation. Not to worry as I was early, so a table for 6 in the cosy booth seating was fine. Continue reading

Ciao Chow!

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Chow always provides consistency with its Asian-fusion small or large plates. This is a great stop for for a fabulous quick or long lingering and tasty meal. Of course it even tastes better when you have a 2 for 1 $25 voucher. They also do 2 for 1 cocktails Monday nights.

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2 fab cafes in Palmy!

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When I’m outta town on a sales trip, I’m normally rushing to and from meetings however a gal’s still got to eat. So today I met some clients for lunch for a nice change. Not knowing Palmy well, they recommended Elm Cafe and I’m delighted they did so. This has won a few Manawatu hospitality awards in the past which is great. Continue reading