Million dollar tasting pizza!

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Tommy Millions newest takeaway pizza shop has setup on the corner of Featherston and Johnston Street. Their other place is a kindof hole in the wall on the corner of Taranaki Street and Courtenay Place which has been operating successfully for 4 years now in Wellington.

This place is slick, clean and efficient. No chairs yet but they’re getting them soon outside and the corner catches the sun quite nicely. They sell pizza by the slice (and these are huge for $5.50) or you can buy a whole one. You can also buy a Gentlemen’s beans coffee and/or a choice of three cold drinks. No room for gelato here but you can grab one at the other place. He remodelled the former Bordeaux and put the pizza ovens and pipes in and has done a darn good job.

We chose a slice of the daily special pizza and I got to see it made by the man himself, Tommy Millions before my friend arrived. It was heavenly as was the slice of the four cheese pizza. We sat at the nearby seats outside Juniper and devoured ours quickly before they noticed. Or you can go enjoy it in Midland Park.

I got to have a wee chat to Tommy and he just exudes passion which I love (and he’s not Italian but looks it) and in partnership with the Scopa Bresolin boys. Naturalemente. That’s why this pizza rocks. Does he get sick of pizza? Hell no! He eats it everyday. Good for him. And then I had to ask why did he chose Tommy Millions for the name? His nickname from years ago. How cool. He’s cool and I hope this love makes him millions.

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