Hello pork pie!

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Lordy. Lordy. You know eating pies is not part of my regime however I make an exception, if given a good recommendation. Thanks to our dear matey Jude, we stopped at the Fairlie Bakehouse for the first time ever and were totally blown away.

She had already fed us bacon and eggs for brekkie however as we were on our Kiwi roadie trip of the South island, we just had to make a pie stop for morning tea. Woah baby.

The Fairlie Bakehouse is amazeballs. It serves a wide selection of gourmet pies including venison and cranberry, pork belly and apple, bacon and salmon, butter chicken and the traditional mince, mince and cheese and steak pies. Their cabinet is bulging with cronuts, custard squares, neenish tarts, donuts, filled sandwiches, croissants, quiches, savouries so I’m sure they all taste amazeballs as well. There are a few tables inside should you wish to sit and eat with a coffee or you can sit outside. Warning: I’d go buy and drive off as fast as possible vs linger there as your waistline will regret it.

We continued on to Geraldine and sat in the sun and went halvies on our pork belly and apple pie. OMG. Hubby removed the gorgeous, feather, buttery, crusty lid which had a square of pork crackling embedded in it so we saved that til last. The pork was so tasty and delicious and married beautifully with the apple sauce. It was like eating a pork roast wrapped in pastry with crackling. Piggy heaven. We just fell silent whilst we savoured it.

Peeps this is an absolute must stop and is only an hour’s drive from Christchurch. A good excuse to extend your trip and visit there I’d say!

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