Floyds Island Bay

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We arrived here bang-on noon on a Sunday after a long walk, and after a local friend’s recommendation. I’d been here a few times before, pre-blogging days and just loved the food and the coffee.  

You are spoilt for choice however we found it a little overwhelming, reminding us of the States. I guess there’s a fine line between offering too much, too little or just the right amount. As well as the bulging cabinets, there was also a huge wall menu with a small font plus a table menu with mismatched prices for the same dishes? We were really confused as to how this all worked, let alone wondered how they actually sold all their food in one day?. Most patrons were only buying a takeaway coffee and/or a slice and there were only two other tables occupied.

I didn’t realise that they have a lovely wee courtyard out the back. It was sunny but the wind was still a little chilly to be outside so we stayed put. Good to know for future.

Making the decision as to what to have was the hard part. We settled on sharing chorizo and black pudding on potato hash and the beef schnitzel with fried eggs. They were both extremely delicious. They have an all-day breakfast offering so they are leading the trend here now plus the lunch is all-day also. Bravo. Also they cater for all dietary requirements. Bravo encore. You can have anything from toast, granola, mince on toast, vanilla risotto, pancakes, French toast, the Floyd’s brekkie or a sirloin steak sammie, croque monsieur, caesar salad, corn fritters and they have a great kid’s menu. No sign of those horrendous chicken nuggets or hot dogs and chips, thank goodness.

The drinks menu is massive also offering really healthy smoothies or shakes or spiders plus coffees, teas and cold bottled drinks.

I stupidly bought a brioche for dessert as a treat from the cabinet to share. My eyes were bigger than my stomach. It was so stale, I had to politely spit out my first mouthful and leave it. Disappointing. That would definitely deter me from ordering from the cabinet in future. Brioche is only good on the day it’s made and Floriditas just can’t be beaten. I normally say something but let it go as thought they may have noticed when they came to clear our plates. However today the service was pretty random. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. All the staff appeared happy with each other, but not one of them greeted us or asked us how our meals were or thanked us for coming as we left. Such a shame, especially when I’m so passionate about service.

I will return as am a sucker for savoury mince with poached eggs and I definitely would try their GF toasted coconut banana bread with lime marscapone and cherry jam again, as this is really good. I just hope they get their act together with their service though. It’s not hard. My next job is contracting out as a cafe customer-service consultant!

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