Park Road Hottie!

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Park the car now in Park Road and checkout Park Kitchen. There’s a new hottie in town and it’s not Scarlett Johansson! This is a must stop, located opposite the Roxy in Miramar. Yes I’m back in the ‘burbs and as soon as I walked into this place, I was absolutely blown away by the decor and the fab use of space;they have two main separate dining areas, a retro lounge area and an alfresco area. And checkout the amazing bathrooms! 

Unfortunately we didn’t have a great deal of time on this occasion, however we made the most of our culinary experience. The menu is tapas-sharing; small and main plates. Aren’t they all nowdays? We started off with some gorgeous warmed olives with orange and fennel. BFF chose  fish fingers (not the Sealord ones from the box!) with dill mayo and lemon, prawns with chorizo and tomato and chicken wings small plates as her main and I opted for a main and got food envy from my other mate. He chose the market fish to try and be healthy and he said it was very nice but he wanted my pork belly with fennel, chilli, rosemary, beetroot romesco. I was in piggy heaven. It was amazing. We also got a side of roasted carrrots. Not sure who chose those. They were nice but I did miss my greens. They also offer pizzas, grilled spatchcock or minute steak/sirloin and fries with a truffle salt and a choice of mustard onions or blue cheese marscapone. I’m already planning my next few visits here as the menu speaks my lingo.

The drinks list was fantastic with many international and New Zealand wines. My friends shared a bottle of Ata Rangi rose and I had the most divine glass (responsible driver of course) of Big Bertha Shiraz from Barossa. Boy I’m having that again.

No room for dessert which is the norm for me however the chocolate tart sounded yummy or good ole apple crumble. Or finish all classy-like with a cheeseboard. Not tonight Josephine.

I did return on the weekend for a coffee with my hubby and we sat outside. It was glorious.

Miramarians you are so darned spoilt for choice for eating places in Wellywood. Why would you need to go to town?. Leave your car at home, eat, drink and walk home. Your suburb just brims with cafes/bistros/restaurants that are of international amazeballsness; The Roxy, The Larder, Polo, Boca Loca, Spirithouse, Gipsey Kitchen, Chocolate Frog, to name a few. I gotta come back here and revisit those places and do some more bloggie posts and maybe spot a celebrity (Scarlett maybe?) or two.

Have a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for your support and loyalty and watch out for some fab new reviews in the New Year. Stay safe. Eat, drink and be Merry. Yolo!

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