Fabulous Floriditas

FloriditasFloriditas (2)Floriditas

Oh Floriditas how I love thee. I have never, ever had a bad meal, or bad service here in all my visits. I have an undying, inexplicable love for this place; for its food, its opulence, European ambiance, fab Supreme coffee and consistency in service.You ask anyone or do your research as to what the top places to eat in Welly are and Florries in the Cuba quarter, will always be number one on the list. This brunch (my favourite meal) was with ex Wellingtonian friends (now dawklanders tee hee), and they were as excited as us to be coming back. We didn’t fortunately have to wait for long as you do often have to wait, but it’s worth it. We both have husbands who don’t wait. Phew.

They offer granola, porridge, yoghurt and fruit but their egg dishes are stunning. Soft boiled, scrambled, or poached. My scrambled with avo and rocket were so creamy, yellow and deliciously rich enough so I flagged the hollandaise. The poached eggs with ham off the bone on ciabatta, were cooked to perfection as was the gorgeous asparagus with eggs and hollandaise. They don’t do substitutes e.g. spinach or rocket instead of bread. This normally irks me as you know, but I can cope only because of my love liaison.

For more lunchy meals you can have soup, meatballs, cauli quinoa fritters, fish pie, walnut kale spaghetti, clam linguini, beetroot risotto, chicken salad or steak with fries and salad sides.

Start with a bellini, bubbles, juice or bloody Mary and a delicious Supreme coffee; one of Welly’s finest.  They also serve a nice range of teas. Their crockery is gorgeous and very just adds a nice touch of modern vintage to your experience.

They have the most amazing display of cakes, slices, some GF too, like jaffa cakes (a divine, velvety chocolate muffin cake) which are sublime, but my Jaffa friends didn’t order one!   Their cheese and herb scones are to die for and these are also sold at Moore Wilson’s. I believe their piece de resistance is the cinnamon brioche (featured). As Jeremy Clarkson would say ” best in the world”. I’ve not found one better anywhere really although I did recently try a cinnamon maple brioche roll at Boulevard cafe in the Statistics building. I must confess that theirs could be up there too. Get there early though as they sell out fast. Make sure you get it warmed with butter. The cinnamon fragrance is heavenly. Note bene, the brioche go to church on Sundays, as I discovered once. Quelle horreur! That really put me into a spin.

I’ve had a few dinners here and and they are amazing. High quality European bistro food with beautiful decor, you just can’t go beat it. Close your eyes and you’d swear you were in Paris. I will never tire of thee.

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