Fill ya boots!

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It was hubby’s turn to choose our wedding anniversary dinner. I actually now like delegating this task for him as it becomes a game of suspense. Tonight he surprised me with WBC; Wholesale Boot Company on Victoria St. This is the sister restaurant of Capitol in Wellington. I have been here for lunch a long time ago so this is my first dinner treat.

It was a lovely evening and the sun was streaming in windows of this small bistro. Unfortunately we couldn’t understand a single word our waitress said, as her German accent was so strong, so the descriptions of the food got lost in translation. We just smiled and nodded and chose on gut feel from the menu. After the delivery of our delicious Pisco Sour and Aperol Spritz cocktails, we then got served by different male waiters, who still had accents but we could understand them.

The menu is designed for sharing (which hubby doesn’t really like) but he went with the flow. You can choose oysters, clams, olives or lime and chilli peanut popcorn as starters. We started with some small plates and yes they are very small. The 3 gorgeous stilton fritters with sour honey were my fave and I could have ordered another 10 of them. They had just the right balance of sweet and sour. The sake squid and umeboshi mayo sounded amazing but wasn’t really. We then hit the large plates and hubby chose beef shoulder fillet and I the Mexican pork belly. His was way bigger than mine but both were equally delicious. The side of peas, beans and chorizo was nice but we should have also ordered the cauli with sumac and labne.

Have lots of buckaroos in your wallet. This is fine dining in a casual setting and I guess it’s quality over quantity. Not feeling quite satiated I had to opt for a dessert which we don’t generally do.  This actually was a good move as the chai spiced chocolate pot with mango and creme fraiche was heavenly and rich so the calories had to be shared. It was just perfect. Hubby also had an espresso that knocked his socks off in strength. As I was intrigued, I had to ask what the brand was; Chagga supplied by a local barista Tony Gibbs which also is served at the Adelaide Trading Co in Berhampore.

So to fill your boots here, I would definitely recommend you order a cocktail, wine, 4 small tapas, 2 large plates and at least 2 sides and you probably could still easily fit in a dessert and coffee to be devilish.

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