Hola Basque

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Basque on Courtenay Place has been on my foodietraveller list for awhile now. I recently chose here to catchup with two gorgeous blonde friends. As soon as you enter it’s alive and buzzy with such a cool, young vibe. Strangers beside you become your besties instantly. It took us back to our youth.

The staff are really friendly and obviously enjoy working there too which is a great sign. They serve jugs of Sangria or a great range of European wines and beers. I chose a cheeky Argentian tempranillo to start with.  My next drink of choice as a sober driver, was a Strange hat kombucha. Big thumbs up Basque for having a gut-friendly, fermented tea on board. Of course I pretended it was a beer and drank from the bottle. Just like the good ‘ole days. So mature not.

Tapas galore menu here obviously as this is Spanishville. The food did take forever to arrive however this was compensated by the fact that the meatballs were the best meatballs we’ve ever tasted, “in the world” , as Jeremy Clarkson would say. We were sure they’d gone to Basque and back to get these. They had this gorgeous spicy kick to them. I think we did go back for seconds. We then chose the charcuterie meat platter with pestos, cheeses, olives which was mouthwateringly delicious. The pork belly followed and was one of the larger plates. Although small in portion, it was rich and unctious. We couldn’t finish the night without some churros served with chocolate sauce. They were good but I think El Matador up Cuba St wins the best churros award so far.

There is a rooftop bar so we’re coming back in summer to test it out. They have blankies for the nanas to keep warm for when our scorching hot temperature in Welly drops at night. LOL Wellingtonians.

I just love walking into a place where you’re instantly transported to Europe. Basque gets the big tick here. Service needs a little work though. Adios. Hasta luego.

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