Too Cool for School at Coolsville

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Cool. Coolio. Cool beans. Cool as a cucumber. Get the picture? I’m back in the burbs sniffing out new places and found Coolsville Trading Post located in the Hataitai shops. The name suggests you could rock up on ya’ horse and tie it up outside. 

 This is such a cute wee organic cafe that does so well with its space, decor and food/service. They offer gluten, dairy and refined sugar free options (right up my alley) e.g. chia pudding, loads of egg dishes, wraps, kumera hash cakes and the cabinet is also stocked with some some not-healthy treats e.g. pear, honey and ginger muffins, banana berry bars and everything is freshly made on the premises. They do play and change their menu-up using seasonal fruit and produce. Gotta love that.

A Saturday girlie brunch was in store today with firm instructions to get there super early to get a seat. They open at 7am and girlfriends had nabbed a seat prior to my arrival at 9am. Bonus. We sat at the only large communal table in the middle that seats 5 comfortably. There are four few stools at the front for exterior people watching and one near the espresso machine where a man was parked up with his laptop.

 Deliberating as per usual over what to order, the local ladies sharing our table said they’d been through the entire menu and everything was good. Great but that just made it harder to decide. I settled on scrambled eggs with avo, and besties chose eggs bennie and avocado smash on sourdough with feta. Coffee and hot chocolates were great and served with a jaffa on the side. Service was very friendly however the meals did take quite some time and they weren’t busy. However it was worth the wait.

They also sell some kitsch gifts which are sure to please. It’s as cute as a button, so go check it out. It’s really too cool for school. Well done Hataitai. Good score here.

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