Pardon my Bahn-mi

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Wow the Bahn-mi Vietnamese stall located at the rear of the Capital Market on Willis Street, or near the front on the Edwards St entrance has become one of my ultimate fave lunch spots, especially on Fridays or Sundays.

To order you need to stand under the Vietfood sign (not the Bahn-mi sign) which I found a little confusing.The lady laughed at me as I was waiting patiently and scanning the menu before she motioned me down her way. The first thing I tried here was the Beef Lemongrass salad and it was so delicious and refreshing. The salad is a slaw made of red cabbage, green cabbage and grated carrot so the colours are so bright and inviting and the dressing was wickedly delicious. Such a bargain also for the great portion you get.

The following Friday I just had to go check out the amazingly sounding and looking pork belly salad (which you can get on rice also). OMG. Words cannot describe how sensational it was. On top of the salad I had at least 12 slices of the most crunchiese, tastiest, pork belly slices. I chomped away with the biggest smile on my face and thanked the lady afterwards. She now knows me so I enjoy eating there. They put the whole roast pork on a slab for you to oggle at behind the counter and I could have seriously just eaten all of that!

On the weekend, I was so excited to take hubby there to try the pork belly, after a long walk (our Sunday ritual instead of church). But I was devastated, t wasn’t going to be ready till about 1220pm. Nooooooo. We can’t wait when we’re hungry as that gets ugly. Instead I ordered a takeaway Chicken Lemongrass salad and hubby a beef noodle dish. My salad came with vermicilli which I didn’t realise and so didn’t want. It was quite disappointing too in taste and was nothing on the Beef salad. However hubby’s noodle dish was delicious.

 I’m tempted to try a bahn-mi (vietnamese sandwich) however I haven’t quite checked out what baguette they use first. If I’m going to eat French bread as a treat, with a delish Vietnamese filling, it’s got to be the real Macoy and that’s where my loyalty lies up the other end of town with Ngon cafe. I believe they make THE BEST bahn-mi in my books because they seem to be the only ones that use a good baguette from the fab Le Moulin on Willis St. The lady there knows me too so I love supporting her. She told me she was considering changing her bread and I said Nooooo and she said ok.

I have tried the other Vietnamese stall ‘Where is Charlie’ in the Capital Market, however it just doesn’t do it for me. Bahn-mi is definitely the pick of the litter. And don’ t forget the best Pho bo (beef noodle soup) still sits with Fisherman’s Plate in Bond Street so I do share my Vietnamese foodie love around town. Geez I still have to try the Vietnamese up Cuba St. Watch this space.

4 thoughts on “Pardon my Bahn-mi

  1. There’s a great Bahn-mi (of the French bread variety) up cable car lane too. The traditional or lemon grass port ones are amazing… but I’m going to try Ngon cafe’s one because you’re the second person to rave about them…I’ve only ever had a salad there… hmm.. maybe after the all blacks parade today!

  2. OMG-want that pork belly salad NOW! Our Vietnamese neighbors give us the skinny on best Vietnam grub here in Philly! Glad you’re giving it the high praise it deserves.

    • Oh I’m glad the pork belly was tempting! Hubby tried and loved it yesterday but Foodietraveller made her own and nailed it finally with hubby endorsing mine as better! Big compliment. Love Vietnamese.

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