What’s in the larder?

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After a 12.5km walk around Seatoun, we decided to plonk ourselves at one of the outside tables at the Larder in Miramar. Owned by local Miramarian Chef Jacob Brown (ex Boulcott St Bistro), it was busy. Inside every table was jam-packed yet it was cosy with the lovely open fire burning.

Some locals line up longingly for a takeaway coffee and are obviously tempted by the beautiful  baking behind the counter. However the queue goes outside the door, which makes it extremely congested for the waiters to get to tables, let alone punters arriving or exiting.

We were served some bread which we initially declined as we had thought they had got the wrong table. 99% of the time I can easily resist bread as it doesn’t agree with my tummy however today was different. This sourdough looked amazingly fresh with a gorgeous doughy crust and was calling out my name. I started with only eating half a slice and in the blink of an eye the other  flippin’ ‘alf was goneburgers. It was gorgeous. Our waiter wasn’t sure if it was homemade and when asked said ‘I don’t know’. Um Hello would you go and find out please and learn your products as foodietraveller needs to know. It was a yes. Thank heavens for that.

We were surprised that despite the chaos we didn’t have to wait that long for our mains. I changed my mind about 4 times but that’s a good sign. Mmm twiced baked goat’s souffle or will I make a meal of sides e.g. pork belly hash, kidneys, lambs brains. I finally settled on the smoked fish hash with a poached egg, hollandaise and rocket and hubby the seafood risotto. Nom. Nom. Very tasty.

Now our coffees did take forever and it was actually delivered by the barista. Unfortunately we tasted his stress. Ugh. Hubby’s long black had no crema and  watery and bitter and my latte was pretty bad. Such a shame as it’s Supreme coffee. Normally I would say something but today time wasn’t on their side, or ours, so I let it go. It took me enough strength to fight my way to the counter to find out where to pay the bill and I’m pretty strong!

Mmm I would strongly recommend they consider buying a second coffee machine with a separate barista, and/or park a caravan outside to clear the entrance and take care of the takeout orders. Plus they could also get a mobile EFTPOS machine which would help them process payments more quickly.

I’d definitely return but perhaps for dinner again me thinks.

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