Eat Study Drink!

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Memories flooded back from my ‘uni’ (or ‘varsity’) days when I visited Victoria University campus for a coffee meeting. In those dark ages, we had two cafes; one for the BP’s (beautiful people) and the other nick-named as the ‘scungy’ cafe. Ours had filter coffee served in brown, now retro, arcoroc mugs, with an occasional afghan biscuit. I never ever visited the other one of course as the ‘eye candy’ was not the same.

Vic Books Cafe is a cafe/bookstore (American concept) but so down-to-earth Kiwi organic. Daily they serve soups, salads, hot meals or sammies and toasties. They also have lovely cabinet food, and sell Fair Trade chocolate, Tom and Luke health bars and chutneys and sauces. Displayed on the kitchen counter are beautiful loaves of ciabatta and multigrain bread.

There is a brunch menu only on Saturdays so ex graduate girlfriend and I made a date. My challenging walk from Brooklyn to Kelburn return, earned me the poached eggs with corned beef hash and bff had the granola with rhubarb and range compote and vanilla yoghurt. Both got the thumbs up and at student prices got an extra high five. The menu caters for GF and vegans and parents of home -away kids can be rest assured that their hard-earned money will be spent on good food.

Other items were good ‘ole eggs on toast with a choice of added sides if you want or buttermilk pancakes, coconut rice pudding and housemade hummus, with feta and cherry tomato. People’s coffee finished our meals off just nicely or you can have a smoothie or juice.

Within the cafe there are only two large tables and a few chairs however you are surrounded by the lovely books and gifts. You can also sit outside the entrance in the covered quad however the ambiance is not the same.

Wow campus has changed. I even got tempted to becoming a student again but would be distracted by this cafe. There is also a Wishbone, sushi place and a cute bar/cafe/function centre called Milk and Honey fun by Good Chemistry catering.  That looks very inviting. Now that’s breaking bad good news.

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