Burger Challenge- Wellington on a Plate

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Bonus post this week. Ok so you know I’m not a pie, doughnut or burger gal but every now and then I decide to splash out to satisfy my curiosity and have some fun. I choose to live a healthy clean lifestyle 95 % of the time as I want to live a long life without any major illness or disease. So I only decided late in the week to do a Welly on a plate burger challenge.

First up was Burger Liquor. I’ve eaten here before (see older post) and food is so good. The Tipsy Pirinoa station backstrap lamb burger with garage project angry peaches molasses with a hot and cold yoghurt dressing, carrot and lettuce served on a soft brioche bun, was fabuloso. Say that fast ten times. I didn’t want to spoil their creation so I didn’t ask for bunless. I did eat the top but gave my bottom (of the burger!) to my friend. I should have done the reverse, as he got most of the yummy spicy yoghurt. The lamb was pink and tender and its marriage with the GP peaches and yoghurt was divine. But wait there’s more.

The burger wasn’t large but less is more right? So we just had to order some makikihi fries; http://www.makikihifries.co.nz.  These were insane. They were sprinkled with smoked paprika and served with a wee pottle of divine malt vinegar mayo. I ate a few but then had to push the rest towards me mate, as otherwise I would have devoured the lot. And blokes are supposed to eat more than chicks yes?.

We then decided to also order a ‘hard’ vs  ‘soft’ shake. His eyes lit up when I gave him the options as he wasn’t expecting such an experience. Stick with me sunshine. He chose the plantation rum with salted caramel and I, the Lebowski; kahlua, vodka, vanilla and coffee both whisked up with Kapiti icecream. OMG. Heaven on earth. This was the icing on the cake.

Service was fantastic and we were in and out in less than an hour. I’ve already convinced some gals to go back next Thurs for a farewell dinner. 8 sleeps.

Second and last burger challenge was the Mexicana at Pan de Muerto. It was humungous so we shared one. It came with two corn and cinnamon chicken breast patties and chilli pineapple guacaomole, with corn chips and salsa. I didn’t need any of the bun at all.  We also had a burrito. Both were tasty but not amazing.

We ordered some fries and these were disappointing only because we didn’t really read the menu properly, and they just didn’t hit the spot. They were a bit soggy as they were covered in cheese and guacamole.

I’d already done my dash with my doughnut this week,  so we flagged the churros and had no room. The waitress then told us that the current Thursday special is 2 for 1 churros. Stop. I’m such a sucker for them, and I’ve had them once here before and they are soooo good. But they will have to wait awhile for me.

Service was really good and we were also in and out within the hour. Maybe next year they could try a churros burger!

 Good luck to all the cafe/restaurants and high five for participating.

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