Doughnut and coffee anyone?

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Georgia’s espresso is yet another innovative container cafe that’s opened up by the Zeal crew, on the corner of Dixon and Victoria Streets. It’s all for a good cause supporting barista training in Wellington. Read post on the original Stories espresso container cafe – They have also been part of Wellyonaplate by serving different filled doughnuts for 10 days; each of which are created by various Welly chefs along with their fantastic People’s coffee.

Not a doughnut girl, curiosity got the better of me. I had to see what the fuss was all about.  Their doughnuts have been selling at many of the cafes around Welly and on Tuesdays these had a home game, so just selling from the container.

I queued behind mostly young ‘uns seeking a temporary injection of foodie fun in the CBD. I liked the fact they put a limit of 2 per person so that greed didn’t take over, and they could share their love with as many Wellington foodies as possible. I saw a tweet that stated that they had sold out last week by 10am, so I made sure I arrived just after 8am. I only had to wait about 10 minutes. Jelly tip and lemon meringue pie were today’s flavours.

My expectations were high but I was disappointed with the lemon meringue as it was dry and it didn’t have much filling. Darn. But woah the jelly tip was a different story. It was delicious and had a good amount of filling with a triangle piece of choccie sticking out the top. I’m glad I shared the love and the calories with hubby, who also agreed that this was the pick of the litter.

You still have Wed to try salted caramel, choc hazelnut at Sweet Release, Thurs go to Nikau for Lime marmalade and matcha (mmm Nikau is so close to work- shall I?!) and Friday the last day at Coco at the Roxy TBC. There were tons of other exciting fillings such as salted caramel and bacon, tiramisu, ginger kiss, passionfruit and rhubarb and cream to name a few.

I wish these guys all the best and maybe they’ll keep the fad going when Wellyonaplate finishes, if they can cope with the demand that is. Be a devil, support Welly and pop out for a doughnut.

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