Grill Meats Beer

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I and many others never get the name of this restaurant right; Grill Meats Beer/Bear or Beer/Bear Meets/Meats Grill. Does a bear (beep) in the woods? Anyhoo you know where they are, in upper Cuba. GMB (doh that’s how you remember it) is the sister restaurant of Logan Brown’s. They have created a casual joint with a focus on sticky ribs, juicy burgers and crafted beer.

This was our second attempt at dining here. We’re not fans of “you have to wait for a table until all your mates have arrived system” but that’s how they roll. They nearly lost us a second time as husband does not queue, but we hung in there as friends’arrival was pending.

Our lovely Swiss/Thai waitress with an American accent (true story), picked up on our ‘slighty peeved vibes’ and took care of us very well all evening, recommending this and that. Not being beer drinkers (good luck if you are, as the list is as long as your arm), hubby ordered a gorgeous bottle of  La Joya Chilean red which was swiftly followed by a second.

For starters, we were recommended the special duck steamed bun served with a wee refreshing raw zucchini and carrot salad which we carefully split between four. It was amazing bursting with flavour.  We flagged the pork and fennel sausage (homemade on the premises) and opted for some tender beef brisket, served with cornichons, habanero mustard and some toasted bread. I gotta get me some of that mustard.

Our final starter was poutine. Poutine is of Quebec Canadian origin and is basically fries with cheese curd and gravy. GMB has adapted their recipe and added some shredded beef on top. It doesn’t sound that great but you gotta try it. It was sooo good and when you share, the guilt reduces.

I chose the bull and pig (bunless) burger and they did such a great job of it. Served with yummy crispy fries (more fries you say?) this was my night off. Delicous wagyu beef, bacon aioli, smoked cheddar, pickles, bacon with hot zombie chilli sauce (ole). Girlfriend played Devil’s advocate with her burger choice; wagyu beef, habanero mayo, smoked cheddar, bacon, jalapenos, ghost chilli sauce and chilli fries. Hubby chose the 200g (not the 400g which I know he wanted) bavette steak served with chipotle, lime, garlic and grilled bread. Other girlfriend was oohing and ahhing  over her sticky pork ribs with a rum/plumb sauce and fries. We all got to try each dish and that was the way to go. Although we didn’t really need them, we ordered some sides of cauli cheese and brussel sprouts with bacon. They were tasty and presented beautifully in wee dishes.

We had a fun night. Shame there was no sign of hottie Bear Grylls though.I know he’d love this place, being the caveman that he is.

2 thoughts on “Grill Meats Beer

  1. Perfect descriptions…making my mouth water! Great photos, too. Writing is colorful & fun! Big fan of poutine & wish I could follow you around!

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