The Bresolin

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How uncanny that we chose to eat at The Bresolin on Willis Street the same week that the DomPost features a tribute to Remiro Bresolin (Il Casino). Bravissimo! He will be smiling proudly from heaven, on sons Leonardo and Lorenzo (Current owners of Scopa, Duke Carvells, Tommy Millions and the former Crazyhorse) and his new grandson restaurant; as they add yet another unique eatery to the Wellington foodie scene. They have done a sterling job (and spent lots of sterling!) on transforming  this beautiful Edwardian villa into a fantastic array of dining rooms, bar and outside weather courtyard, so you can relax and enjoy good food and drink.

Unfortunately I’ve not heard many good reviews so I just knew Foodietraveller were going to like this place. I love supporting Wellington restaurants and I just go armed with a positive, passionate attitude and guess what? Bingo.

We chose brunch after a 7km walk on a cold Sunday afternoon but cold we were not. Sitting outside in the lovely externally covered, heated courtyard, we were toastie pie as. The brunch menu offered a sufficient choice of light meals of toast and preserves, granola with vanilla yoghurt, rice pudding with coconut, yoghurt, pears and honey, bacon and egg buttie, eggs on toast, soup or to the more hearty burger, fish meals etc. Hubby chose the full breakfast with eggs, bacon, mushrooms, spicy homemade beans, black pudding and yes, I made him swap out the bread for the wilted spinach, which we both loved. I had buttermilk chicken, slaw and creamy mashed spud with dark gravy, and it was very nice.

While we were waiting, we were intrigued with the piggy on the spit which was lovingly being basted on a frequent basis, by the chef. On the last Sunday of each month they have a pork spit roast. For $30 you get roast pork, sides and a craft beer. Sounds good value to me. I’m back for that soon and want to try a shared meat ribeye or lamb dish for dinner. Sounds divine. I also will be back for brunch. I love it when menus have this knack of making it hard for you to decide what to have.

We couldn’t resist finishing off with sharing a slice of delicious lime meringue pie with a long and short black Gentlemen’s beans coffee. It was lovely. Most other tables did the same so when in Rome right?.

Service was good but needs a bit of work. It was a little inconsistent as we overhead other tables being told about the specials which we weren’t told about. I also had to go indoors as they forgot to bring out my drink and unfortunately  had to politely point out that we got charged erroneously for the greens. These were a substitute, not an extra, so that does irk me a little when this happens, as other places don’t do this. However it was rectified immediately without an issue, and we left very happy.

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