Not just eggs at Egmont!


I discovered Egmont St Eatery (ex carpark) when I took a detour off Dixon St, while running an errand. What a treasure. This is another wee hidden CBD gem. My dental hygienist and I got chatting about this place (fyi, best dental visit ever) and we both raved about it.  We both loved its multi-level, space, design, let alone the food and cocktails.

As you enter, you can hang out on your left at the bar or venture to the bottom level to snuggle and get comfy at a table/booth. It’s small but tables (generally with couples or friends) turnover fairly fast.

On my first visit, hubby and I snared the last table.  The brunch offerings were all tempting. I couldn’t go past the pork, prawn and Asian style omelette with greens.  The flavours were amazing. Mr Carnivore chose the flank steak with black pudding. Of course he did but we both didn’t spot that it was served in a pide (Turkish bread).  I’m trying to get him to avoid bread, so of course he dug in lickety split before I could say anything. I let it go, but no way would he let go of the toasted, soft, chewy, salty, yeasty, gluten number!

Second visit with my lovely girlfriends, we had to try one of the gorgeous cocktails e.g. Aperol sour -citrus heaven, madamoiselle- feminine and fruity and a maple smash (be warned). They also serve a fabulous range of well priced wine and craft beer. We then shared some chicken nibbles with Kimchi mayo, steak fries, lamb ribs with Asian slaw, salt and pepper chicken (the favourite), pork and squid and roasted cauli and brussel sprouts. We all really enjoyed it however I’d personally go back for brunch and cocktails and snacks.

The food is fresh, seasonal with quality ingredients so you know it’s going to change regularly.  This keeps it interesting. The plates are designed for sharing and the flavours are very sophisticated which matches the NYC style and ambiance.

Service was good except we all got a bit of a fright and had a wee giggle, when the chef would yell ‘service’ from the open kitchen to alert the staff that food was ready. We thought some male customer was nutting off because he wasn’t getting good service!

They are open for breakfast and lunch 7 days, and for dinner and drinks 5 nights a week. Don’t be an egg and go park your butt (not your car) there now.

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