Who ate all the pies?

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I thought I’d change-up my Saturday ritual lunch of sous-vide eggs with salad and try one of Jo’s pies in Cleveland St Brooklyn. What a treat. I’m not a pie girl by any means so if I do have one, I’d say probably annually, it’s gotta be a goodie. This certainly was up there in my ratings and a very, very close second to Café Mirabelle’s (Carterton) and Barista’s café in Panama St.Jo’s pies has featured in the Cuisine Magazine so that speaks for itself. The selection of pies in this wee shop that was Simply Food many moons ago, is outstanding. I chose the steak with blue cheese combo however I was nearly swayed by the beef and chilli and butter chicken. You can also get just plain steak or potato top, mushroom, cheese, savoury, BBC (beef bacon and cheese) or a saussie roll. The pastry is crisp and buttery and the beef so tender and yummy. As my pie was ‘to go’, I had to up the healthy stakes so I teamed it with foodietraveller’s own salad, dressed with the gorgeous Le Manse olive oil (Hawkes Bay) and balsamic vinegar.

They have this gorgeous, sunny, wee courtyard with a few tables if you choose to eat in and you can accompany your pie or chicken roll with a fabulous coffee or cold drink. For dessert be tempted by one of Jo’s lovely homemade slices e.g. lolly cake, brownie, blondie (no offence taken), turtle slice (a true delicacy), blueberry and apples slice or B and B pudding (bread and butter).

Portions are very generous and prices very affordable. No wonder this is a winner. I hear that people travel for miles to Brooklyn for these. No surprise, people travel for great pies. Just move here it’s easier.

If you can’t make it during the week, and you’re a pie lover or just curious, you can get your pie fix on Saturdays until 3pm. Don’t blame me if this becomes your Saturday ritual.

4 thoughts on “Who ate all the pies?

  1. We live just up the road but for some reason I hardly ever go in there, and I didn’t realise they had a courtyard. Will definitely go and try a pie now!

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